YRT test on Pirelli and MoTeC assessment for 2022

YRT begins testing for ASBK 2022

It’s fair to say that this season has been tough for the Yamaha Racing Team in the Australian Superbike Championship.

Cru Halliday finished second in the 2020 ASBK Championship on Pirelli Rubber, but it’s fair to say he struggled to secure third in 2021.

Cru Halliday and YRT tested on Pirelli rubber at The Bend on Monday

The 33-year-old Yamaha mainstay managed two podiums in the 2022 season and this third place in the championship was a somewhat surprising result given their general lack of speed in 2021.

Cru Halliday and YRT tested on Pirelli rubber at The Bend on Monday

Cru stayed on the bike in every race to score points and raced at a position generally higher than he managed to qualify.

Some have attributed their performance deficit to their Dunlop rubber in 2021, others cite deficiencies in their electronic box compared to the latest Ducati and Honda kits, or even a comparative lack of power compared to the competition. YRT is always fully positive towards Dunlop as a brand, and mentioned to MCNews.com. That as the season progressed, they certainly took their game and considered all the comments, but the decision was made to run Pirelli in 2022.

Jamie stauffer
Jamie Stauffer – Australian Superbike Champion – 2006 and 2007

Whatever the reason, it has been almost 15 years since Yamaha last won a No.1 Australian Superbike plate. Jamie Stauffer made it twice in the Superbike and Supersport classes in 2006, then won the Superbike Championship again in 2007, but since then it has been a relatively meager period for Yamaha in the Superbike class.

ASBK Winton Jamie Stauffer Dan
Jamie Stauffer, senior brother Dan at Winton in 2007 – Both attended The Bend over the weekend, Jamie with his son Max racing Supersport 300, while Dan Stauffer was swinging some keys for DesmoSport Ducati

There is no doubt that the Ducati Panigale V4 R drastically changed performance targets, as did the latest SP Fireblade and ZX-10RR to some extent, but Yamaha has dominated elsewhere in the world with the YZF-R1. This year’s Superbike, British Superbike and MotoAmerica World Championships have all been won by Yamaha riders.

In Australian Superbike our bikes are indeed more standard than most Superstock series in the world and it is fair to say that in the standard version the YZF-R1, although as evocative as ever, and despite some recent improvements, did not progress to the pace of the competition. The R1 has been pinched, tucked away, and tweaked, but it’s essentially a six-year-old rig.

Australian Superbike rules open to allow a MoTeC ECU in 2022, with some functionality restricted via controlled firmware.

After Ducati riders recently spent 25,000 per bike to outfit each of their machines with Marelli systems of the WorldSBK specification, and Penrite Honda also spent a lot of money on getting factory-level electronics, it doesn’t seem like much. likely one or the other will switch to the MoTeC system. in 2022, as they will be allowed to continue using their current plan.

Likewise, BMW teams will likely stick with their relatively affordable factory electronics kit, as the MoTeC system does not have enough inputs to support the shift cam system on the M 1000 RR.

The Kawasaki BCperformance team have had a nightmare trying to get their electronics package to deliver some sort of consistency this season, and there is no doubt that their poor rear demonstration of these issues was a factor in the pullout. of Kawasaki for their support.

Cru Halliday has an idea for the latest Pirelli rubber at The Bend on Monday – Image RbMotoLens

YRT hasn’t had anything like that with this level of electronics issues, their bikes have been reliable, Halliday has finished every race after all, but it looks like their package is essentially outdated compared to what the Ducati and Honda teams are currently racing. . So they are not only evaluating Dunlop’s return to Pirelli here at The Bend, but are also expected to test more in the new year with a MoTeC ECU, which they had already started doing evaluation work with this season in the backstage. When the rules of Superbike were more open in an earlier time, the team used MoTeC, so there is already knowledge about the system within the team.

YRT boss John Redding told MCNews.com.au that they would continue to ride and develop back-to-back motorcycles between the current system and the MoTeC ECU, and that they would race what happened. turned out to be faster. He also pointed out that whatever it takes to give their riders the best possible equipment, it would be done.

Arthur Sissis was in fantastic shape on his Unitech Racing YZF-R1 at The Bend – Image RbMotoLens

While local privateers Arthur Sissis and Daniel Falzon were at nearly 10 km / h in top speed when not in the wake, relative to most of the peloton, they showed a mind-blowing qualifying pace on the weekend at The Bend and looked to a potential podium. results if not for the two victims of misfortunes on Sunday. Both were on Pirelli rubber and both are slated to be on the grid in 2022. However, Daniel suffered significant injuries in a crash over the weekend that will likely put their preparations on hold for the foreseeable future.

Daniel Falzon (right) qualified on the front row at The Bend – Image RbMotoLens

So obviously the R1 can still be competitive, but it looks like it’s just missing a little bit to complete the package and challenge the Superbike title.

Cru Halliday has an idea for the latest Pirelli rubber at The Bend on Monday – Image RbMotoLens

That said, Halliday finished second in 2020 on Pirelli and third in 2021 on Dunlop, so they can’t be that far. However, I think Halliday may not have received as much credit as he deserves for these results.

Cru Halliday on the podium at Winton earlier this year – Image RbMotoLens

There will also be more Yamaha Superbikes on the grid next year. Queensland-based team Jed Metcher has ridden this year and will level up in 2022. The team will be renamed under a new 727 Moto banner and expand to two riders, while 2021 Australian Supersport champion Broc Pearson go to Superbike with the team. .

Broc Pearson was testing Pirelli rubber at The Bend on Monday – Image RbMotoLens

The new 727 Moto Team have also recruited top technical staff to the squad for 2022, as Paul Free, Stewart Winton and Brent Stephens will all be working hard behind the scenes to try and make sure Jed and Broc have the right mounts. more competitive possible. . Jed has a proven track record and will step up preparations with the team in the New Year. It’s going to be a big budget push like we probably haven’t seen from a private team since the Trinder brothers rocked things with their bio-magnetic therapy team nearly 20 years ago.

Supersport champion Broc Pearson switches to Superbike in 2022 and was testing a YZF-R1 with his new team on Monday at The Bend

Young Max Stauffer will also be riding a YZF-R1 in 2022. After finishing third in the Australian Supersport Championship this season, Max will switch to Superbike in 2022 on a YZF-R1 prepared by his father Jamie with the help of Heath Griffin and Damien Cudlin.

Veteran Anthony West could also do the tour again on a better-prepared YZF-R1 than this year and young Luke Jhonston will hopefully continue to improve as well.

And then of course we come to the question of who will be the second official Yamaha Racing Team rider alongside Cru Halliday in 2022?

Mike Jones was widely tipped to take that seat at YRT after Aiden Wagner left, but Mike’s choice not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination kept him from competing in the Bend on weekends with DesmoSport Ducati, and therefore the two-time champion could not test this week alongside Cru at The Bend either.

Scuttlebutt in the pits throughout the weekend suggested that Mike may have reconsidered this decision in light of the fact that it would make him essentially unemployable as a rider in 2022. At the moment, that appears to be a case of “Watch this space,” but Mike is expected to test with YRT at Morgan Park this weekend and at this point is expected to join Cru Halliday at YRT for the 2022 season.

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