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The latest episode of Anupama brought a Bollywood fairy tale love story to our TV screens. After Anupama and Anuj decide to go on a date, Leela confronts Anupama and taunts her for degrading their family title. Vanraj tries to stop Anuj and Anupama from going out. The episode ends on a candy trail as the romance between Anuj and Anupama burns. On the other hand, Leela and Vanraj try to find out why Hasmuk has been hiding from the family.

Anuj arrives by motorbike

Anupama and Anuj are about to have a date, but maybe there is someone who doesn’t need Anupama to be happy. Leela mocks Anupama for going on a date at her age. She tells him how important it is to keep expressing your love for your partner and spending time with him whenever possible. Leela rejects his recommendation. Kanta also tries to persuade Leela to discontinue previous norms and be happy for her children. Leela is shocked that Kanta is staying with them until the wedding and Anupama has stopped caring what everyone thinks.

Shy Anupama asks for Kinjal’s help to prepare for the date. At the counter, Leela, Vanraj and Kavya talk about the modifications to their house. Kavya praises Anupama and Anuj for handling their relationship and obligations equally. She also mocks Vanraj for not being so romantic towards her.

Anuj arrives on motorbike and surprises Vanraj who tries to embarrass him. Anuj avoids her and walks towards Anupama who is wearing salwar swimsuit, like a school boy. As Anuj and Anupama share their romantic moment together, the kids start teasing them to be like kids again.

Vanraj stops them from leaving but Anupama refuses to stay and the 2 go on their bikes. The young people decide to go out as well and Kavya joins them. Leela and Vanraj feel ignored by all the parties and rejected by their own relationships. Leela expresses her concern to Vanraj regarding Hasmuk’s suspicious conduct. They decide to figure out what Hasmuk has been hiding from them all.

Anuj and Anupama are finally out, away from all eyes of the judges, having fun with their bike journey. Anupama gets disturbed by Vanraj and Leela’s comments, but she dismisses their opinion and continues on her romantic date with her fiancé. Anuj surprises Anupama by taking her to their faculty where he was planning to take her on a date. They relive their love for each other from their college days.

Anupama is able to break all the norms and marry the love of her life. Her inspiring story continues to entertain viewers with gripping twists and turns in her life. As Leela and Vanraj proceed to add obstacles to her happiness, Hasmuk’s news will cause a huge surprise for viewers and Anupama. Stay tuned to learn how Anupama will face all odds and overcome all obstacles to begin the second chapter of his life.

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