Wiseco scholarship fuels education and passion with On Track School for fourth year in a row


Press release | May 27, 2021

This year’s Wiseco Scholarship recipient is Jace Lewis, 15, a grade 9 student and amateur MX racer who currently trains at the Georgia Practice Facility.

Being able to take off the glasses and concentrate on school with equal effort takes dedication.

This is a press release from Wiseco Performance Product…

Mentor, OH (May 27, 2021) – Each year many young racers in the sport of motocross dedicate countless hours on and off the bike to pursue their passion while trying to advance their education. Balancing the time and effort required between these two major life goals can often be difficult, but luckily there are people like the On Track School team who are dedicated to providing a better option, and Wiseco Performance. Products is proud to announce that 2021 marks the fourth consecutive year of a scholarship awarded in partnership with On Track for a carefully selected student.

On Track School is a fully accredited, private, online K-12 school that offers flexible and quality training options not only for aspiring motorcycle racing professionals, but also for young racing athletes. ‘different horizons. Recognizing that every student learns differently, On Track offers a comprehensive curriculum that is both personalized and flexible so that aspiring students can succeed while pursuing their dreams.

“The recognition of our program through strong education supporters like Wiseco speaks volumes about the need for them to help reach one student at a time,” commented Andrea Leib, director and founder of the On Track school. “We hope that as an industry we can be the right village to propel our athletes to a future of success.”

The On Track School program gives Lewis the freedom to move quickly from the race store to the classroom.

This year’s Wiseco Scholarship recipient is Jace Lewis, 15, a grade 9 student and amateur motocross racer who currently lives and trains at the Georgia Practice Facility (GPF). With the combined support of his parents, the On Track School and several other key racing sponsors, Jace is an incredibly hard worker both under the helmet and behind the computer, honing his racing art while achieving consistently high grades and academic performance.

In pursuit of MX and educational success with Wiseco and On Track School

“Wiseco was founded on a passion for motorsport, horse riding and racing, and is still strongly driven by this passion today. However, we know that investing in yourself and pursuing a quality education is just as important. Just like running, school costs money and we want to give back to young students of our sport. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to do this through On Track School with the Wiseco scholarship. We love to see the sport grow and we hope to see On Track School enrollment increase too! »Kevin Bailey, Motorsport Marketing Manager at Wiseco.

“Having the Wiseco scholarship with the On Track School program has helped us make sure we cover all of our bases. Having an education that is both flexible and allows Jace to do what we love has allowed us to continue our education while continuing to race, ”said Jace’s father Jason Lewis.

“I am very grateful to have been chosen to receive the Wiseco scholarship even though I was injured and didn’t run much,” said Jace Lewis. “On Track School allowed me not to miss anything but to take the time to heal so that I can continue to pursue my dreams.”

For more information about On Track School and the services and support it offers, please visit ontrackschool.com

For more news and information on Wiseco’s products and involvement, visit blog.wiseco.com

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