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Trev chats with Wayne Maxwell

Trev: We’ll start with Darwin Weekend, you and the Boost Mobile team had some unique challenges with Team Leader Adrian working from home which meant the team was fully wired for sound and Greg was on the tools. A bit of a weird weekend, I guess?

Wayne Maxwell: “It was definitely a bit of a challenge in that regard, trying to put everything in place and trying to make sure it worked, but overall we kind of got over it and everyone got stronger. in the team and knew what we were doing before we got there. A few people stepped in over the weekend who aren’t usually in those roles and these guys were awesome. “

Wayne Maxwell – Photo by RBMoLens

And that two plus four lap with the Boost Mobile car, through your joint sponsor, did you let the car go to the back of the track on purpose when you looked around, was there a bit of a game plan about it for you to line up that run up the line?

Wayne Maxwell: “Yesthat was the general plan, you’re a Ford man, I don’t know if you would have chosen the Ducati or the Ford, but it was the point of trying to make it a drag race until the line, so obviously I let it go and James went under it then he had to wait a bit for me so he messed up his run in the straight but the Ducati can certainly speed up the V8. “

Boost Mobile Ducati – Image RbMotoLens

I would always go for the bike, did you drive with him on the weekends and feel that stopping power?

Wayne Maxwell: “No, I haven’t, I’ve never been in a V8 actually. I let Craig and Julie come out and do it. I didn’t know if it would scare me or not, I just rode the motorbike for the weekend. Hopefully there will be opportunities to do other activations with Boost later.

Wayne Maxwell – Photo by Half Light

So obviously there are pros and cons to making ASBK work alongside supercars, what do you think? The misplaced air fence is far from ideal, and times change etc., but I guess when you’re trying to keep your team’s sponsors happy, there are some definite positives.

Wayne Maxwell: “Certainly the quality of the camera images and the professionalism that some people in our paddock have never experienced before, to see the premium category of motorsport in Australia up close we have to get there. The schedule was good, they cleaned the track thoroughly, MA and whoever was in charge of the V8 side of safety all worked together. In terms of coverage, I think it was one of our best events.

Wayne Maxwell chats with Riana Crehan after the opening race in Darwin – Image RbMotoLens

So you can’t wait to see more in the future?

Wayne Maxwell: “I think two rounds a year would be enough to be honest with you, one to two. Just to keep the exposure. It all depends, we kind of have a support round with WSBK normally, but that’s not going to happen next year, so we’ll just wait and see and go from there. I think our categories are better than people think right now and we can fend for ourselves and make sure we race all the best tracks in Australia and put on a good show.. “

Wayne Maxwell – Photo by Half Light

On which circuits would you like to join the V8s?

Wayne Maxwell: “Darwin obviously works but it’s obviously a big expense so I don’t know if the rest of the paddock wants to go to Dawrin. They’re talking about the V8s racing at night in Sydney which would be a great opportunity to get a foot in the door there at SMP. We could run back in the day and add the 600 class, which would be a pretty cool event and it’s rumored right now... “

Nothing separated Maxwell and Herfoss throughout the 16 laps of the opening race at Darwin – Image Half Light

You are leading the championship, you said you have a good package but obviously there is a long way to go is if the plague remains alleviated so that we can run the full schedule. I guess the main talking point of Darwin’s weekend was young Oli who signed up to face you. Have you followed him a lot before? Give us your assessment of where you think he is, right now and if you think his form can continue on the other tracks.

Wayne Maxwell: “Yeah look, I’ve always officially said my legacy is to try to promote and set a standard for these young guys, we’ve had world champions in the past and we might have more in the future. . Oli did a fantastic job all weekend, he didn’t make a lot of mistakes for someone his age and experience, fewer mistakes than I would have made at that age for sure. , so he did a fantastic job. His driving, he masters well, I haven’t watched the race yet, but it’s great.

Wayne Maxwell at the helm of Oli Bayliss – Image Half Light

Hopefully that gives everyone, some of the other guys in our category and other categories, an example – look, it’s doable, so they say… now how to do it. It’s fantastic. I don’t know how he will go on the other tracks, obviously Morgan Park on which he did a few laps. It’s hard to say if that shape will stick around or if the bike worked for this track for him that day. Time will tell us. Ultimately it shows that he’s going to pull it off and that he’s going to be a really good motorcycle rider and hopefully follow in his father’s footsteps and become a world champion.

It seemed like you gave him a lot of space as he passed the end of the straight, maybe more than you would give Herf or Mike?

Wayne Maxwell: “I don’t know, my head wasn’t really there, I had some issues in the race and I just thought to let him pass, he wasn’t even close to the limit of trying to stop, it was a real easy calculated pass, so he was just better than me in the race. There is no excuse, and he is a deserving winner.

Wayne Maxwell – Photo by Half Light

Wasn’t your head, was it because Herf had been taken to the hospital?

Wayne Maxwell: “That too and being three weeks so huge, being absent and disorganized and not having everything there, like the whole team, was a lot of stress. I just wasn’t at my best for some reason and guess that’s part of it, I’ve only run Troy for so long so maybe that was it.

You looked like you tried to try a few turns from the end but you had a back slide there, was it part of the game plan to leave it on that last turn then that slide stole this chance from you?

Wayne Maxwell: “No, I never really think I had a chance with the issues we had. I was in a bit of a beat and then it was a little unusual for me, because normally I’m pretty good at the end and I fight, but it just wasn’t my day and it wasn’t meant to be being. It’s a bad day so we’ll move on. “

Wayne Maxwell and Craig McMartin, owners of the Boost Mobile Ducati team – Photo by RBMoLens

It looks like you had a problem that you didn’t want to solve with the bike or the tires?

Wayne Maxwell: “No definitely not the tires, just a few things because Adrian wasn’t there, we had some issues like with the electronics, which were out of our control, just having that person less, but nothing major and it probably wouldn’t have made a difference to win the race, but as usual our bikes were fantastic so there is no drama going forward.

Wayne Maxwell checking the data himself in Hidden Valley

I’m excited to see how we’re heading towards Morgan Park as it’s pretty much marked on the schedule as the biggest challenge for us. Obviously maybe a little easier as Troy doesn’t look like he’s coming back for that one, but it’s always going to be a huge challenge. Mike has a point to prove, Oli is on a mission and there are other guys with new bikes you can’t really rule out anyone. “

Wayne Maxwell – Half-light Image

So I guess like you said you’re probably going to give the game away at the end of this season, having hopefully defended your championship, which you are looking for in good shape to do, for them. laps ahead, then your goal is going to be the Ohvale FIM MiniGP World Series race in Australia, which is going to step up a gear next year, right?

Wayne Maxwell: “This is the plan, will definitely finish the end of the year. I love motorcycle racing and I love it all so I want to make a difference, we see so many people come and go from the sport and when their time is up they don’t perform as well as they should have. I’m not in the financial situation of some of the guys overseas to help out but with my knowledge and understanding I would like to work closely with the guys in MA to bring ASBK to a level where it is. more sustainable. And on that side help some of the other teams get more sponsors and show what I learned and help that way.

Wayne Maxwell – Image RbMotoLens

Craig and I talked about riding the bike next season, there are a number of options for the riders, we’ll see how it goes. The Ohvale is going to be a major goal for us, to pass the next generation of Jack Miller, Remy Gardner and maybe the next Oli Bayliss.

Wayne Maxwell congratulates Oli – Image RbMotoLens

Now you talk about it, with Craig and you talking about continuing with the Boost team and driving the Ducati. I had heard a rumor that you could have had Herf online for you and Craig next year, if you continued on that line.

Wayne Maxwell: “Yeah, if as a Team Manager you don’t ask the best, most dedicated guy in the paddock to ride your bike, you’re not doing your job, are you? So whatever the contract or whatever he has, I’m sure we’ve got a really good package and he’s been racing motorcycles, so he knows how it works, so he knows pretty well how. I run and I know how it works, and he knows how good Craig’s bikes are.

Herfoss driving for Boost Mobile Ducati in 2022 has been discussed – Image RbMotoLens

“Obviously, these talks have come to a complete standstill for now with his current situation. But if he wants to come and ride a motorcycle with us, we would be crazy not to think about it and of course to try to bend over backwards to have him on the bike.. “

Wayne Maxwell leading Troy Herfoss in the first race at Hidden Valley – Photo by RBMoLens

Thanks for the chat.

Wayne Maxwell: “Thank you.

ASBK Championship Points

Pos Rider Total
1 Wayne MAXWELL 132
2 Troy HERFOSS 106
3 Glenn ALLERTON 100
4 Vintage HALLIDAY 88
5 Oli BAYLISS 87
6 Bryan IS WATCHING 87
7 Mike jones 74
8 Arthur SISSIS 71
9 Jed METCHER 70
ten Josh WATERS 53
11 Anthony WEST 52

ASBK 2021 Championship Calendar (Updated)

  • Round 1 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC February 18-21 Canceled
  • Tour 2 Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla, VIC March 12-14
  • Tour 3 Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn, NSW April 16-18
  • Round 4 Hidden Valley Raceway, NT – Supercars 2 + 4 (Superbikes only) June 18-20
  • Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, QLD August 20-22
  • Round 6 The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, SA, September 23-26
  • Tour 7 Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn, NSW October 15 – 17 *
  • Round 8 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC November 5-7 *

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