Watch Derbyshire Police chase a biker without a number plate

Derbyshire Police were forced into a high-speed chase through the streets of Bolsover in an attempt to track down a biker driving without a number plate. The driver did not stop for the cops and continued to drive erratically in the Derbyshire lanes.

In Britain, motorcyclists make up just one percent of road traffic, but account for 20 percent of all fatalities. Near Chesterfield, traffic cops chased the dirt bike and the results are featured on this week’s episode of Traffic Cops.

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The biker took officers on a dangerous ride, riding on the wrong side of the road, running through red lights, up sidewalks and through a park. When the bike seems to run out of fuel, he dumps it and runs for cover in a local field.

Derbyshire Police PC Craig Dawes followed the biker and tried to slow him down by riding alongside him. Driving erratically through the streets near Bolsover, the motorcyclist refused to stop, despite being chased by two patrol cars.

Driving through red lights and making dangerous U-turns, the force realized he was not a confident motorcyclist as he repeatedly put his foot down on the ground in the turns tight.

PC Craig Dawes said: ‘Sometimes when vehicles don’t show license plates it’s because they’re stolen, it might be an unregistered dirt bike, it might this is a street legal bike but because of the way of riding and the speed they take the plates off.

“His idea of ​​what this bike can actually do is so much more than the capabilities of the bike. If I can safely, I’ll block it with a car in front. If he sees us next to him, he’ll think it’s over and stop.

“You’re just trying to force him to that stop and do it safely. The way he drives, he doesn’t look like the most competent and confident driver. He puts his leg down and there are a lot of oscillations.

“We then have to be careful because if he abandons it, he could get injured.”

Traffic Cops continues weekly on Mondays at 8 p.m. on Channel 5.

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