Vintage endurance racing vibes make their presence felt on this Honda CBR600RR

We have nothing but love for the builders who will take a modern motorcycle and turn it into a rolling, retro-styled work of art. At the same time, there is just something about the design cues found on an old school endurance racing bike that has always fascinated us, so we were rather intrigued to stumble upon the heavily reworked 2006 Honda CBR600RR from Francis Von Tuto.

The Italian craftsman is proud of more than two decades of experience in the motorcycle industry, but his pure passion for custom feats only came to light a few years ago, when Francis was living in Australia. He’s recently returned to Italy, and the beast you see here is the latest project this guy has done on Australian soil, where he’s been living for eight years.

You should buckle up and take a deep breath, because the extent to which this CBR has been personalized is simply mind-boggling. With its lightweight construction, a healthy top speed of 160 mph (257 km / h) and no less than 117 wild ponies to the test, Honda’s mechanical samurai is a heck of a starting point for an exceptional business that will weaken gearboxes. at the knees. .

As the Japanese superstar hadn’t driven for quite a while, Von Tuto began by gracing its 599cc liquid-cooled inline-four engine with full service. Once the engine work was done and the suspension refurbished, the doctor’s bike moved on to cosmetics. After inspecting the many spare clothes housed in his (old) workshop, Francis found a replica of the Ducati 900SS fiberglass front fairing developed by Paul Borowinski.

After cutting it, the solo artist outfitted the fairing with a tinted windshield and an eccentric Koito H4 headlight. The predator’s original subframe was then amputated to make way for an aluminum alternative that houses the bike’s electricity, a pair of versatile LED taillights, and a lithium battery.

Additionally, a beautiful rear section can be seen in the spotlight atop the new subframe, complete with a tiny license plate holder and a simple, but equally gorgeous, seat upholstered by David Webster. You’ll also notice hand-shaped side panels and a reused carbon fiber front fender that comes from a 2010 MY CBR600RR.

In terms of powertrain settings, the standard exhaust system has been replaced with a modified four-into-two Moriwaki element, which expires via custom mufflers. Rear-mounted footrests have been fitted to provide a harder riding position, suitable for an endurance runner. The CBR’s three-spoke wheels were retained, but their rims are now wrapped in high-quality Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires from Pirelli’s inventory.

Finally, the final touch is a timeless color scheme that adorns the machine from head to toe. It incorporates a stealthy black base, which comes with a delicious mix of yellow and silver accents. With breathtaking projects like this wonder, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Francis Von Tuto left his mark on the Australian custom motorcycle kingdom. We can’t wait to see what he will come up with after his move to Italy!


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