Upper West Police Command to Ban Motorcycle Riding With Passengers At Night

From Monday 23 August, people on motorcycles in the Haut-Ouest region will no longer be able to travel with passenger passengers after 6.30 p.m.

Tricycles will also be prohibited from operating at night. In addition, tricycle operators cannot take additional passengers when there are already two occupants.

Again, passengers who deal with personal businesses cannot conclude this before taking the passengers to their destination.

These are among the measures outlined by Upper West Regional Police Commander, ACP Peter Ndekugri Anabugri at a press conference to help tackle crime in the region.

He noted that most crimes are committed using tricycles commonly known as “Mahama Camboo”.

He therefore declared that “there will not be two young men on a motorbike after 6.30 pm. Security is very expensive. If you don’t take the inconvenience, you can never get the security.

“Don’t pick a passenger and tell them later that you are passing here to pick up something or someone. This is not acceptable, ”he also warned.

He cited Bawku Municipality where security has improved due to the ban on riding motorcycles.

According to ACP Peter Ndekugri Anabugri, only people with a license will be allowed to drive at night.

“All of our observations indicate that Motor King is normally used to collect loot during nighttime break-ins. If you are a driver of a tricycle and need to pick up anything overnight, please report to MTTD to get a permit, ”he said.

ACP Peter Ndekugri also hinted that the groups made up of young men will be disbanded after midnight.

He also spoke of illegal and erroneous parking of vehicles in a crowded area.

He said MTTD will be on the lookout for drivers of these vehicles and bring them to court.

To ensure its success, ACP Peter Ndekugri called on residents and the media to help implement the measures outlined to reduce crime in the region.

According to him, he will work within the law to ensure that crime in the region is reduced to an absolute minimum.

“I am the chief warden of the region, not the commander. I’m not going to sit in my room sleeping and snoring saying I’m the commander when the next day crime is everywhere. I’m not going to give in to any pressure. Respect the law and we will all be safe, ”he added.

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