Upgrades and latest motorcycle trends in 2021


Many advances have been made in the world of technology. Many of them have been discovered in recent years. They shape virtually every area imaginable and make major differences in our daily lives. Some of them bring significant changes to motorcycles and new opportunities for motorcyclists. It’s no secret that an ever-increasing number of people are buying motorcycles and discovering all the joys and benefits they have to offer. Some of the latest trends and technologies may take these elements to entirely new heights in the years to come.

At American Motorcycle Trading Company, we are dedicated to providing premium motorcycle repair, maintenance and customization services. We also have a large inventory of motorcycles for sale. Our team also wants to help customers take full advantage of all the options available to them. For this reason, we are here to bring you some of the most interesting and useful new developments in motorcycle technology, comfort and safety.

Advanced headsets

Tech giants, helmet manufacturers and other companies are working to make these helmets more comfortable and practical

Helmet requirements vary from state to state, but an ever-increasing number of motorcyclists and their passengers wear helmets, even in states where they are not required by law. Tech giants, helmet makers, and other companies are working to make these helmets more comfortable and practical to foster this trend. For this reason, some new headsets come with speakers, Bluetooth capabilities, smart technology, and other features.

These headsets can be connected to apps on your phone for hands-free music, calls, navigation, and many other amenities. Some feature heads-up displays and even virtual rear view displays, just like the rear view cameras on many modern cars. These advancements can certainly help you improve your safety on the road and better monitor the drivers around you. Some helmets also offer technology to detect a collision and automatically contact first responders if necessary.


Not too long ago, the idea of ​​airbags on a motorcycle seemed ridiculous to many people. Today, however, they are a reality. Some newer models are equipped with airbags integrated into the motorcycle, like the Honda Gold Wing. In other cases, you can purchase aftermarket airbag systems and have your local motorcycle customization specialists fit them onto the bike for you. Portable airbag systems are also available in the form of jackets and coveralls.

Advanced comfort functions

Motorcycles are known to have uncomfortable seats. In the past, runners simply accepted this problem as a minor inconvenience. You don’t have to smile and put up with it these days, though. Many motorcycle manufacturers take a closer look at rider comfort. Many of them are taking steps to improve the comfort and positioning of their seats to make them more suited to the needs of drivers. You can also have custom seats with gel inserts, memory foam padding and air cushion to name a few possibilities. Countless custom handlebars, seat modifications and other modifications can also be made to motorcycles to improve their comfort and ergonomics.

Make the most of the latest advances

There are aspects of motorcycles and the biker community that will never change. Leathers, wallet chains, the wave of courtesy and the constant search for your brothers and sisters on the road are traditions that have proven themselves over time. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new developments and improved technology. If you are looking for a way to improve your safety, comfort and other elements while driving, there are many options available.


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