Tragedy strikes Thai street race – one dead and 8 injured as motorbike hits spectators

BANGKOK, July 4 (The Nation Thailand/ANN): A motorbike racing competition in downtown Trang went horribly wrong when a motorbike lost control and rammed into the crowd, killing one and injuring eight others.

The accident happened during Krabang Road Racing 2022, held on Sunday for the first time in almost 10 years. Competitors raced for a cash prize of around 400,000 baht (RM49,000).

Police rushed to the scene to find 20-year-old runner Nattakit Chringjit lying unconscious with injuries and the dead body of 16-year-old onlooker Monthol Chooyung. A two-year-old child was also taken to hospital with a fractured skull.

Ekkarat Littima, 59, said he watched the race outside his house while holding his two-year-old nephew in his arms. Suddenly, he said, the motorbike hit him, his nephew and another person nearby. Ekkarat was injured in the forehead and the little finger.

Another spectator said the race was going well until two motorbikes locked up and sort of trailed for 20 yards before hitting the crowd.

The witness said the accident happened in a dangerous curve without a barrier, adding that the announcer warned riders to beware of this curve.

The spectator hoped that the organizer would place a barrier around the bend to prevent the accident from happening again.

Meanwhile, Colonel Pol Chuechart Yaodam of Muang Trang police station said the organizer had been authorized to organize the race and that his station had not been informed of the accident.

There were reports that a person claiming to be a member of the Trang City Municipality prevented reporters from recording the incident. – The Nation Thailand/ANN

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