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On the cover: A high-speed rider on a 2020 KTM 890 Duke R model streetbike on the track using standard Michelin Power Cup 2 road approved tires. Photo by R. Schedl / Courtesy of KTM.

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In this problem:

INTRODUCTION: Ride the storm


Get on the track:

How to do a track day

10 steps to become a track racer

Overcoming the excuses: no good reason to stay home

All-inclusive schools and track days remove the barriers

Basic preparation of the bike:

Part 1: Prepare it for the track

Part 2: Don’t ruin a perfectly good motorcycle

Part 3: Easy Changes

Part 4: don’t go crazy

Best performance:

Starting point of the suspension: sag measurement

Improve your bike’s suspension

Choose tires: Street, Racing or Track Day?

Tire change

Bolted Upgrades

Simplified safety wiring

On the track :

RWAF soft barriers help keep cyclists safe

Riders’ signaling: flags on the track

Stay hydrated

Always do this / Never do that

Seen at the racecourse

Exotic Track Days: on the MotoGP tracks with Leod Escapes

Getting There :

Transport your bike

Loading your bike

Riding equipment:

Insight into the good stuff

Airbag movement

Have fun and improve your skills:

Sportbike track time: 20 years on the road repeatedly

Trackdaz Track Days: 21 years of fun on the track

D-Day with Reg Pridmore: Opening the Door to Better Riding

California Superbike School: Throttle Control in the Electronic Age

Entry points: YCRS ChampDay / ChampStreet Track Days

Fastrack Riders ProAC: getting the pros to follow the days

Ride & Wrench Accredited Kids Camps: Teaching Kids at Home to Ride


Organization of the track day and school race calendar

Road racing organizations

Mini road race organizations

Track Day and Track Riding Schools by State / Province

Guide to racetrack locations, with US / Canada map

Directory of high performance parts and services


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