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On the front cover: Nick Ienatsch, Chief Instructor and CEO of Yamaha Champions Riding School / ChampU, uses a 2022 Yamaha MT900SP three-cylinder to lead instructors Chris Peris, Eziah Davis, Cody Wyman and Michael Henao to Turn 5 at India Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona. Photo by Joe Salas/

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In this problem:

INTRODUCTION: Maximize welding time


Get on track:

The easy way

Overcome excuses

Preparing a Streetbike

Loading unloading

Arrive ready to roll

What to bring

Packing checklist

Which group?

Racetrack upgrades:

Track Day tires = easy speed

The slicks of the day on the track fill the void

Improving a good bike

At The Track:

How to act

Always do this / Never do that

When the pros show up

Protective gear:

In case

Airbag suits for everyone

Why we wear safety gear

Track Day Tips:



Exotic Track Days:

Czech in Brno with Leod Escapes

Become a better pilot:

ChampU Online School

Mirror Coaching

California Superbike School Management’s Subtractive Approach

Seen on the track:

KTM 890 Duke and RC 390

Tire warmers in action

Brake caliper cleaning, and more…

Random observation:

Another way to transport a bike

Soft barriers:

Help ensure passenger safety


Organization of a track day and school race calendar

Road racing organizations

Organization of mini-road races

Track day locator by state/province

Map of racetrack locations

High Performance Parts and Service Directory

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