Top 11 Asian Motorcycle Brands

You may not know the history of the motorcycle. The events following World War II provided many new approaches to dealing with a dire situation.

The appeal of motorcycles began to increase. By studying the history of motorcycles, you may learn more about their creation and development.

The motorcycle has become increasingly popular as new trends have emerged. There are several well-known brands of motorcycles today that are substandard and expensive.

Besides good customer satisfaction, there are a few well-known motorcycle brands. The major motorcycle brands come from Asia.

Buying a new motorcycle or even your first motorcycle can be difficult. You may not know where to start with the number of brands available.

So, if you are looking to promote Asian motorcycle brands, this article is for you:


One of the first Japanese motorcycle companies to be established was Yamaha. Genichi Kawakami started it. The first motorcycle model was completed in 1954, and the company’s philosophy was “If you’re going to make it, make it the best it can be.”

Following the popularity of this model, they began to manufacture others, including the Yamaha YA-1 from 1955.

In 1960, the company entered the international market and started exporting bicycles to the United States due to the popularity of the brand in the local market. Yamaha specializes in on-road and off-road motorcycles.

These Asian motorcycle brands also manufacture sports bikes. They have affordable costs and, if desired, passenger vehicles.

The Yamaha Niken GT has all the features required to increase customer happiness. It’s a three-wheeled motorcycle. It features heated grips and a taller and wider touring windshield. These seats are comfortable.

2. Cyclones

Zongshen Industry Group’s motorcycle brand Cyclone was launched in 2016. It was named America’s media’s most popular car in 2015. CYCLONE is a national motorcycle enterprise with a medium and large product system today. .

Although the CYCLONE RA2 with Harley style is more focused on a small form, it still has the dominant taste of the cruiser motorcycle. It gives people the impression that he is big and strong.


Honda has continuously produced some of the greatest motorcycles in its class since 1959. Hondas have dominated every class, from scooters to mopeds, from sportbikes to cruisers.

You can’t go wrong with Honda because of its class-leading quality and reliability for a variety of top Asian motorcycle brands.

The Rebel 250, arguably their best-known motorcycle brand, is one of our favorite and greatest Japanese motorcycles.

This vintage motorcycle has a 4-stroke single cylinder engine and looks like it was pulled straight from an American biker movie set.

In 1969! Chrome exhaust pipes and unique wheels are part of the cruising accessories. There are countless things you can do with your brand new Honda Rebel 250.

4. Child

Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture, was established in 2003 with an investment of RMB 2.6 billion.

Jiangmen has been certified in Advanced Customs by AEO. It has an area of ​​600 mu, more than 1600 workers, and 60% have a university degree or above.

The KIDEN brand is used to market medium and small displacement motorcycles and micro cars by Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.

While this model should have been more conservative, KIDEN 150G1 goes above and beyond to deliver top performance. It is one of the best-known Asian motorcycle brands.

5. Moto Benda

Formerly known as Zhejiang Zhongnan Motorcycle Co., Ltd., BENDA motorcycle was established in 1994, and is one of the four major motorcycle companies in Zhejiang province, having the longest history, independent manufacturing of motor vehicles and export qualification.

The previous product line was replaced in 2012 after restructuring and upgrading. Establish an independent heavy machinery R&D department and engine business section.

Moreover, it is a company capable of managing every step of the manufacturing process, including vehicle design, energy R&D, power generation and vehicle manufacturing.

One of the best brands of Asian motorcycles is Chinchilla 300. The Chinese can see the appeal of cruiser motorcycles because of the looks of this one.

Before that, BENDA unveiled the GV300s, which garnered favorable reviews; it is obvious that this “chinchilla” has its appeal.

6. CFmoto

The next name on the list of Asian motorcycle brands. R&D, production and sales of motorcycles, off-road vehicles and aftermarket accessories are the core business of CFMOTO.

They value the core competitiveness of large-capacity water-cooled power technology, produce unparalleled control, and promote fun with a positive attitude.

The sense of science and technology that follows the zeitgeist should only be demonstrated in details.

Acceleration and high speed performance may be the focus of the sports motorcycle, but without a fashionable appearance, it cannot be said to be the ideal motorcycle.

The CFMOTO 250SR is well aware of this. It optimizes the design while guaranteeing the performance, giving this motorcycle a universal appearance.


Another of our top picks among Asian motorcycle brands is Suzuki. They have a distinguished motorcycling heritage spanning over 60 years.

You can discover whatever suits your needs from an impressive selection of over 75 distinct models. It can be a scooter, a cruiser or an all-terrain bike for the weekend or the daily commute.

Also, their GSXR series of street bikes are well known. One of their newest models, the GSX-S1000, has won several accolades since its launch and received accolades from other motorcycle enthusiasts.


Kawasaki has held a strong position in the motorcycle industry for over 70 years. They have had the most success in creating large displacement motorcycle engines.

The sportbikes in their Ninja line are among the fastest and largest Asian motorcycle brands available today.

Moreover, they create many effective utility models. Kawasaki’s achievements are the result of its meticulous attention to technical detail. While improving each model for safety, comfort and profitability, they maintain performance.

Their commitment to making things work comes second only to their relentless pursuit of improvement. Riders can count on all Kawasaki models to deliver strong performance and reliable maintenance.

9. Voge

On September 21, 2018, Longxin Common Elements Co., Ltd. introduced VOGE, a premium train brand, at the 15th Chongqing Worldwide Bike Expo.

Today’s VOGE hopes to provide consumers with a fun, affordable, and high-quality sports train brand. It was more about humanizing research and innovation through high-tech tools than about technical specifications. One such framework is the brilliantly high-speed 64-channel stress test.

Siemens is one of the first technical groups specialized in participation in the United States. Like Siemens in Italy, Ricardo, Reino and AVL in Germany and Austria. Best bike:

The VOGE 500DS.bVOGE storage models have long been known for their elegant design and affordable price.

Also, this VOGE 500DS should serve as the best example. It is quite remarkable in terms of quality and execution.

It has a very long lifespan and is incredibly reliable in terms of performance and sturdiness. The engine monitoring bar is produced as standard equipment and covers the letterbox.

In addition, the locomotive can be successfully secured. With a 17.2L fuel tank, it has a long-distance range of over 300 km.

10. Rikuo

RIKKO’s founding dates back to 1885 when Tokyo-based inventor Yataro Iwasaki established his first steel production plant.

His son Hiroshi Iwasaki decided to start a motorcycle factory in 1955. He further established RIKUO, one of the best-known Asian motorcycle brands.

However, despite the factory closing in 1969, its owner continues to produce new RIKUOs as a hobby today. Thanks to Kawasaki Motors Corp., it arrived on American territory.

11. Tohatsu

Not one of the better known Asian motorcycle brands. You should research Tohatsu if you’ve never heard of it. In 1949, Tohatsu, a company best known for its outboard motors, began manufacturing tiny motorcycles and ATVs in Japan.

Two mini-motorbikes were first offered in local markets in 1961, and by 1964 a full range of vehicles, including 150cc mopeds and a 230cc motorcycle, had been built.

But their international journey didn’t begin until 1983. Due to their outstanding performance at a reasonable price, Tohatsu’s ATVs are now available with engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 1300cc. They are popular with both commercial users and recreational cyclists.


Motorcycles these days come in different brands, but not all of them are the same. Some are just plain awful, while others are superior.

To narrow your search, you should be familiar with some of these Asian motorcycle brands mentioned above.

The durability and efficiency of the designs and workmanship of these Asian motorcycle brands have been established. Also, while browsing, keep some of these Asian motorcycle brands in mind if you want to buy your motorcycle.

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