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Claiming to be the world’s oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, the India-based Royal Enfield has been doing wonders on two wheels since 1901. With a classic look and fitted with one and two cylinder engines, Royal Enfield can boast that its motorcycle Bullet is the oldest line of motorcycles of all time.

Having a fan base around the world, Royal Enfield has won a strong and fervent following with the rugged Himalayan. The adventure touring motorcycle has made it to the top of many buyers’ shopping lists thanks to its vintage look, ease of use and fantastic potential for customization by owners looking to create something unique. .

Standing proud in a busy market, ready for a whirlwind adventure that could cross continents and able to fight any terrain that may lie under its treads.

Royal Enfield


Steeped in history, Royal Enfield has spread from its humble Indian origins with bikes now available and used in all the far corners of the world, on and off road by bikers of all ages.


Currently producing seven models, each with a unique choice of styles and color options, Royal Enfield offers a refreshing menagerie of motorcycles that are sure to tempt and satisfy avid bikers.



Retaining a distinctly traditional look and stance, the Himalayan is designed to be built for any or no road, a dual-purpose machine that was created from years of expedition in some of the most inhospitable conditions. of the world.


Clear and easy to read, and with the usual suite of rider information like speedometer, fuel level and tachometer, the Himalayan dashboard features a digital compass and, on the latest bikes, a Google satellite navigation system.

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Engine and handling


Powered by an air-cooled 411cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that produces 25 hp and 24 lb-ft of torque, the Himalayan benefits from an electric starter and versatile 5-speed gearing.


Boasting 22cm of ground clearance, the Enfield can venture further off-road than most, while the half-duplex split frame and hydraulic forks give the rider confidence in both machine capacities and safety levels.



Plenty of low torque ensures the Himalayas have enough grunts when it matters most, whether it’s on the silky, smooth city streets or the muddy, pitted tracks of a long-forgotten wooden road.


From snow to sand, the Himalayas go, can and have conquered them all without missing a single beat. Lightweight, rugged and reliable riders can take comfort in knowing that the Himalayas will tackle anything thrown at them.

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Being the Swiss Army Knife of bikes means that there is a huge selection of own brand and aftermarket accessories to outfit the Himilayan in a way that suits a rider or a specific task or environment.


Need more fuel for longer trip so fit jerry cans. Got a lot of camping gear, how about canvas panniers? Riding in snow and ice, so better get hand warmers and a screen. The list and the choices are almost endless.

Awesome style


For those looking to fully embrace the Royal Enfield lifestyle, there is an impressive selection of trendy clothing available to complement most styles of riders and just about any adventure need, in all price ranges. .


From boots and gloves to helmets, the Royal Enfield clothing line offers a wide selection of safety wear and fashionable apparel to achieve the look demanded by discerning and fashion-conscious cyclists on the go. city. .

Value for money


Starting at $ 4,999, the Himalayan significantly underestimates the competition, especially when you consider that it comes with a choice of 6 paint schemes, that it has standard dual-channel ABS. and ByBre braking (Brembo India).


Rated to haul 174kg, the weight of an average two people, the Himalayan is a stocky workhorse that will report a respectable 66 mpg while maintenance costs remain low, as do potential repair or replacement costs. .

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Rally 400

fuel in the sand

Custom built and inspired by what must be the ultimate desert race, the infamous Spanish Paris-Dakar company Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles have taken a factory supplied standard Himalayan and created something truly special.


Featuring a new Powertronic ECU, beefier hand guards and enduro-inspired plastic fairings, the Rally 400 also comes with a square headlight, custom seat, and single speedometer. Koso making him ready to face any dune in his path.

The Watsonian Squire and Iron Macchina


For those looking to carry a passenger but give them a bit more sophistication than being perched in the back, the Watsonian Squire sidecar takes inspiration from vintage WWII items and offers both elegance and vintage look.


Seeking to create an “apocalyptic motorcycle,” Iron Macchina gave the Himalayas a macho makeover and installed a shovel, utility ax, jerrycan, safety net, storage pod and exhaust trim. in the wild style of Gatling gun style.

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Ready for adventure

royal enfield himalayan

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Offering such a versatile and accessible platform, the popular Royal Enfield is a great bike with which to not only explore the world outside the window, but also forge new paths and experience what life really has to offer, the Himalayan is a bike to depend on.


Whether it’s a factory standard bike, a custom home machine, a bespoke Dakar or a tourer with a sidecar, there is simply no no reason why more cyclists shouldn’t put a leg over the saddle and find out what it is.

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