There is no rule for amputating the limbs of motorcycle accident victims


Motorcycle accident statistics show damage more deadly than vehicle crashes

Dr Henry Bullley, emergency medicine specialist, clinical coordinator at Korle Bu, refuted claims that people involved in motorcycle crashes in hospitals usually go home with limbs amputated.

He explained that although statistics show that the damage recorded on motorcycles exceeds that of vehicle carnage, this is not a criterion for victims of the former to undergo amputation.

Speaking at the first GhanaWeb Road Safety webinar series, as part of its Road Safety Campaign project activities, he said the number of people who have to stay in hospitals after such accidents is even more worrying.

“I was following the data provided and what the public is looking at is the number of people who have lost their lives, but then the number of people suffering inside hospitals, most of the time, is forgotten. If you put all this data together, everyone will be surprised.

“Now you will be surprised that we have a car accident where you will have a lot of victims. Then you have a motorcycle accident that only involved four people and the damage from the motorcycle accident is so huge but in most cases the damage exceeds that of the vehicles themselves, ”he said. he declares.

Dr Henry Bullley has also been emphatic that no one has a limb amputated just by going to hospital with a motorcycle accident.

“It’s so bad and terrible, but there is no rule that anyone having a motorcycle accident and going to the hospital will have the box amputated; we don’t do that. In the hospital, we don’t work with anger, we don’t work with hatred. Ours is to save human lives, ”he said.

The virtual conference included carefully selected stakeholders to discuss viable ways to tackle road accident canker on Ghana’s roads.

It was on the theme “Losing the Road Safety Battle – What Can We Do Now?” “


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