The R RYZR concept is a fusion between a car and a motorcycle

Urban mobility is changing; commuters and urban explorers have been forced to consider more personal transportation solutions in crowded and built environments around the world in recent months. This has led to a rediscovery of more exhilarating ways of getting around with an increase in the number of cyclists and private vehicle owners.

SAIC Design Studio has revealed a vision for future mobility that explores the boundaries between urban mobility and wearable technology. A “fusion of a car and a motorcycle”, the R RYZR concept – developed for SAIC’s EV-only “R” brand – is the “ultimate symbiosis of man and machine; a car that you actually wear.

The concept includes a jacket and vehicle that snap together to start it, without the need for a key. Designed to recognize the abandonment of overcrowded public transport and the need for more instinctive experiences, it offers an escape from crowded spaces by combining cutting-edge technical clothing and augmented reality.

The concept features an open-air design with two open front wheels and two centrally located rear wheels. Credit: SAIC Design Studio

The R RYZR concept features an open-air design with two more open front wheels and two centrally located rear wheels, with a driving position on the left side and leaving the right to the co-pilot. In addition, the open-wheel configuration provides full visibility and spatial awareness crucial for an exciting but safe city experience.

But the most striking point is that the user can log in and interact without needing a key or even making physical contact. The RYZR Smart-JKT is the key. It connects to the car simply by the movement of sitting in the seat, allowing control and giving the user access to an exclusive mobility club.

The concept blurs the lines between a bicycle and a car gave designers the opportunity to explore truly unique architecture and features central spine architecture with twin seats suspended on either side, providing unprecedented views of the road . The vehicle would have the ability to pivot on the front and rear arms, mated to a hubless front wheel design. The innovative center-mounted steering is configured to allow access for both drivers. Drive-by-wire technology means the controller works regardless of its position. The designers did not give more technical data beyond the fact that it is a 100% electric model.

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