The GPX Legend 250 is a Malaysian retro bike suitable for beginners


The Legend 250 is the goose that lays the golden eggs in the beginner’s motorcycle segment. The bike is designed with comfort and safety in mind and is one of the most reliable options for beginners. This bike contains an undeniably modern kit. It is looking to cross swords in the entry-level mid-size segment with Honda and Royal Enfield, albeit down in engine capacity by a few cubes. From a design standpoint, the Legend 250 is as simple as it gets and is designed to be lightweight and allow easy handling. Comfortable ground clearance, powerful headlights, a standard fuel tank, user-oriented technology and a comfortable one-piece saddle are a sure-fire and flawless recipe for the classic beginner-friendly bike.

In addition to the list of the best bikes for beginners, Malaysian motorcycle maker GPX has unveiled the Legend 250, a classically styled, sleek and ultra-safe roadster packed with surprisingly high-end and reliable features that are useful for beginners.

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Comfortable and confident design

2021 GPX Legend 250

Via Google / AnanMoney

The Legend 250 is equipped with a comfortably low saddle that most new riders will be able to walk flat on, resulting in a feeling of comfort and confidence for beginners. A friendly design for novices like the Legend 250 becomes paramount here when a rider is learning a multitude of new bike commands. Being uncertain or comfortable on the machine is eliminated in this case due to the exceptional and meticulous design.

After careful evaluation of the Legend 250, it is clear that GPX has given some thought to the design of this machine. There are some high-end features hidden under the bike, and the fully digital LCD instrument clusters and LED headlights come in handy for beginners. It even gets big bike components like dual front disc brakes and an inverted fork. This roadster is aimed at beginner bikers; thus, with a ground clearance of 160 mm and a seat height of 790 mm, the bike inspires confidence and is a good commuter. The fully digital LCD console transmits a good amount of data like odometer, speedometer, gear position indicator and fuel gauge, which is a real help for new drivers.

The Legend 250 is fitted with a rear light and LED headlight, while the turn signals use conventional bulbs. The company claims to have built this bike to give it an absolute neo-retro cafe racer look, but with the practicality and functionality of an urban commuter and designed as a real option for beginners.

The GPX Legend 250 is equipped with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, raised exhaust, flat-type seat and circular headlight, as well as mirrors. The bike displays a full LED setup for lighting, an LCD dashboard and uses designer black wheels. The bike has a ground clearance of 160mm, a seat height of 790mm and a curb weight of over 300 pounds. The lightweight machine makes it easier for novices to ride and inspires confidence in the rider.

The comfort factor is further enhanced by the flat handlebars, large round headlight and a flat seat unit. With a headlamp that’s more compact and lighter than most motorcycles today, it’s clear that the 250cc is a trailblazer in its segment. The model is available in three colors – matte black, gray and black.

Predictable performance suitable for beginners

Legend GPX 250

Via GPX Malaysia

The Legend 250 is not a performance machine, rather it focuses on a relaxed and super enjoyable ride, ideal for beginners. The bicycle is suitable for daily commuting, but it may not particularly be the best option for traveling on highways or highways. The sleek bike greatly favors the city streets in style while flaunting its athletic appearance. The bike can reach a speed of around 87-93 MPH, depending on various riding factors.

As far as the engine is concerned, the power output is uniform and predictable, which is optimal for beginners. The bike uses a 234cc twin-cylinder engine delivering 11.03 lb-ft of torque. These numbers do not make hearts beat and therefore are a perfect option for beginners. The Legend 250 tips the scales at just 340 pounds, making it energetic, light and easy-going. For this reason, riders should easily pick up the machine in the event of a fall.

Performance-wise, this bike isn’t a rocket, as the GPX Legend 250 packs just 15 horsepower on a 234cc parallel twin engine, and that’s even less power than in the engines. smaller single-cylinder engines, which inspires the confidence of a new rider. The powertrain is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

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Safety features and affordable price

GPX Legend 250 LCD meter

Via GPX Malaysia

In terms of safety, the GPX Legend 250 is equipped with a single disc brake at the rear and dual disc brakes at the front. It is not known whether or not ABS is offered on this machine. The suspension functions on the motorcycle are provided by dual gas shock absorbers on the rear part and inverted forks on the front side. GPX did not disclose the pricing and availability of the new Legend 250. However, there is no doubt that the bike will mainly travel to Asian countries, priced approximately at around $ 2,500, which would make the bike a good deal for beginners, at least in terms of price.

The 2021 GPX Legend 250 is a classically styled, novice friendly motorcycle, perfect for new riders. The perfect combination of comfortable design, reliable performance and modern motorcycle technology ensures it looks like an iconic ride.

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