The expectations of motorcycle enthusiasts vis-à-vis the Mandalika Circuit

What is the point of having a circuit of international standards if we cannot produce a world-class rider?

C Lombok, W Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) – The new international street circuit Pertamina Mandalika, located in the central district of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province (NTB), is expected to accelerate the development of local tourism and young Indonesian runners .

“The establishment of the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit is a great opportunity to train talented national riders to excel in international championships,” said Nur Haedin, director of the Indonesian Motorcycling Association NTB (IMI).

Haedin noted that the provincial IMI NTB will prepare a program seeking talented young riders to train to compete in international events, such as the Asia Talent Cup, World Superbike, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP.

“We are going to train them well and develop them with the support of all parties,” he said.

In addition to supporting young riders, the association will continue to improve the skills of experienced riders who already have various achievements to their credit.

Call for help

The provincial chief noted that the development program can be carried out with the full support of the NTB provincial government, the private sector and the local community.

“We are optimistic about our ability to produce world class runners from our province in the future,” he said.

There have been quite a few motorcycle racing enthusiasts in the province.

In addition, several young runners are expected to become the best runners nationally and internationally.

“Currently, they are still under 15 years old. We will continuously improve and train them, so that they can become talented runners and bring pride to NTB province and Indonesia in international tournaments,” Haedin said.

Before the creation of the 4.31 kilometer (km) circuit, the association had also sought out and recruited racing athletes through various championships organized by IMI.

“We are trying to keep the runners regenerating,” he remarked.

Additionally, given the potential of young athletes, Haedin found it necessary to prepare funding to help them time national and international achievements.

“The runners will have various opportunities, with an adequate budget, to participate in several test races as well as national and international championships,” he said.

In addition to financial support, adequate facilities and equipment must also be prepared.

“What’s the point of having a circuit of international standards if we can’t produce a world-class rider? asked the head of the provincial association.

Haedin admitted the many obstacles encountered in the education of athletes due to dismal financial support, as the practice of motorcycle racing is quite expensive, for which the lasting support of local government and sponsors is of the utmost importance. importance.

Therefore, IMI seeks to collaborate with several sponsors to improve the performance of runners at national level.

Until now, the runners’ parents and clubs as well as some sponsors have funded the training for them, while the provincial association is organizing several tournaments to give them the opportunity to improve.

“Our success at XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) proved that our runners are excellent. Although funding was limited and we only used second-hand equipment, our athletes could compete well with multiple teams. leading Javanese and win a gold medal, ”noted Haedin.

The province took gold in the standard 150 cubic centimeter (cc) motorcycle team race event thanks to Aldias Aqsal Ismaya and Nyoman Rajendra Shanti Pala, who finished the event P3 and P11 respectively.

They managed to obtain the smallest cumulative points to become the winners of the event reserved for riders in the 10-20 age group.

Haedin expressed optimism that with strong financial support and new equipment, the province would be able to produce better runners.

Hopes of motorcycle enthusiasts

Lombok City Section Modern Vespa Club (MoVe) chief Bramantyo said the Pertamina Mandalika Street International Circuit will greatly encourage the growth of NTB’s economic and tourism sector.

Bramantyo expects that in the future, the circuit race organizer will work with various local motorcycle clubs, so enthusiasts can help support the race event at the Mandalika circuit.

For example, the organizer can organize a motorcycle exhibition or competition in the area outside the circuit before the start of the race, he noted.

“Motorcycle clubs have to be involved, even if they only have room outside the racing area. So they can be part of the event, ”he said.

Thus, motorcycle enthusiasts in the province can feel the euphoria of the race.

Bramantyo also informed that the club was created in 2017, with 30 members, who came from all the regencies and cities of the province.

“The motorcycle club has a large network – not only in the province of NTB but also on the island of Java – which can be involved in the promotion of the race organized at the Mandalika circuit,” he said. he points out.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s All New Honda PCX Community (AHPC) PR manager Yuhdi Arman said the circuit has become a source of pride for the people of NTB as it will host the 2022 MotoGP which already features dozens of fans in the province.

“The circuit will be able to improve the economy of the community in tourism and other sectors. Hopefully this will have a positive impact in the future, ”he noted.

However, he noted that only some locals could watch the racing event directly at the circuit due to the expensive tickets.

Nonetheless, several biker communities were still excited to watch the world class race as the implementation of the event also became a historic event for all the people of NTB.

“We expect the motorcycling communities to be invited to the opening of future racing events, so that they can better enjoy the atmosphere of the competition,” noted the community manager.

In addition, he expressed optimism that the organizers would offer cheap tickets to members or representatives of motorcycle clubs.

According to Arman, the local government has paid little attention to local motorcycle clubs so far.

Thus, he expects the creation of the Mandalika circuit to allow clubs to gain more government attention.

“We hope to get involved in future racing events to liven them up and make them successful,” he added.

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