The Bike Shed and Hedon team up to create two special edition helmets

Established in 2011, London’s Bike Shed Motorcycle Club (BSMC) has become an integral part of the city’s motorcycle community. Just four years later, in 2015, BSMC opened its excavations in east London with a restaurant, club, covered parking for motorcycles, and retail and exhibition space. Today, the Bike Shed brings its refined style and inclusive atmosphere to Los Angeles in October 2021.

The new BSMC chapter will move to the trendy arts district of the City of Angels. The 30,000 square foot facility will include a restaurant, exhibition space, retail store, as well as a bar and lounge. The space will also host barbers and a tattoo parlor. To honor Bike Shed’s North American expansion, the brand will partner with frequent Hedon collaborators for two special edition helmets.

Also established in 2011, London-based Hedon offers retro-inspired lids. Using premium materials, Hedon helmets are fashionable and functional, a perfect fit for the stylish and diverse clientele of Bike Shed. Based on Hedon’s Heroine model, the Heroine Racer Bike Shed Club Racer Carbon Edition and the Heroine Bike Shed Classic Club 2021 serve very different disciplines.

The Club Racer Carbon Edition favors an articulated visor for on-road applications. The carbon fiber shell and gold graphics capture a sporty attitude while maintaining the retro Hedon aesthetic. On the other hand, the Classic Club 2021 has a fiberglass hull and is inspired by racing in the Southern California desert with a white / black / gold livery. The removable visor protects the rider’s eyes on the trail and the open eye port allows users to easily fit off-road goggles.

Despite the stylistic divergence, both models boast Hedon’s luxurious leather interior with the BSMC seal stamped on the crown. Like all Hedon helmets, expect to shell out extra shekels for the Club Racer Carbon Edition Special Edition and Classic Club 2021. At the time of writing, Hedon lists the Club Racer Carbon Edition at £ 799 ( ≈ 1,100 USD).

Unfortunately, Hedon and BSMC have yet to reveal the Classic Club 2021 MSRP, but we hope both helmets will be available when Bike Shed Los Angeles opens to customs in October 2021.

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