The Arc Vector is the most technologically advanced motorcycle. Here’s why.

A new generation of motorcycles has arrived with the release of the Arc Vector. This electric motorcycle is not only elegant and powerful, but also equipped with the latest technologies. From an integrated headset with a head-up display to a haptic-feedback vest that provides real-time feedback on surrounding vehicles, the Arc Vector is truly in a class of its own.

If you are looking for the most technologically advanced motorcycle, the Arc Vector is the bike for you.

Arc Vector is the most technologically advanced motorcycle

It’s no secret that electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing and electric motorcycle sales are also gaining momentum. As a clutchless single-speed motorcycle, the Arc Vector has impressive design and performance.

It’s a bike that really stands out from the crowd. Due to its carbon fiber construction, it is easier for Arc to maximize space and makes it lighter than competitors at just 220 kg (485 lbs).

It also offers greater efficiency and range than other competing models. Its battery is built in a carbon fiber monocoque and subjected to an R100 modulus test, the most stringent battery test for safety and performance.

To connect to the internet of things around it, the motorcycle creates its own Wi-Fi network. This motorcycle offers excellent features, but it also has a cutting-edge design that perfectly combines the motorcyclist and the machine by removing the dashboard.

Immersive driving

For a more immersive riding experience, Arc opted for technology never before seen on a motorcycle.

A one-of-a-kind human-machine interface (HMI) has been developed for Arc’s Vector motorcycle. The first of the trio is the Arc Zenith helmet inspired by technology based on fighter pilot photo projection. Through the helmet’s HUD, you can see the integrated rear camera that activates when something is in the rider’s blind spot. There’s a controller on the bike to select patterns, or they can be triggered by the rider’s voice and controlled wirelessly via a Wi-Fi headset.

While riding, the rider has a five-mile view of the surroundings. In addition to providing speed information, the head-up display also provides information on cornering, acceleration and braking based on the G-forces applied to the rider.

The second element is the Arc Origin haptic jacket, which provides instant feedback via taps and vibrations, alerting the rider to their surroundings. It’s an innovative advancement in smart technology, as well as an immersive motorcycling experience that goes hand in hand with the Zenith helmet.

Three driving modes are available:

  • Passengers will be alerted to potential dangers in city mode.
  • Sports mode provides feedback on rider and bike position by analyzing G-Force information.
  • Euphoric mode allows the rider to play music through the haptics of the jacket.

The Arc Vector isn’t just revolutionizing electric motorcycles; it drives the entire motorcycle industry forward.

What are the arc vector specifications?

According to the Arc website, fast charging is available through a CCS CCS charger. The Vector battery is one of the best performing batteries on the market. It has a very high energy density and can be discharged at a high rate, making it ideal for use in high performance applications.

The 399V battery also has a very long life, which makes it perfect for applications requiring a high level of reliability, but this also means that it is important to observe the advice for taking care of your EV battery . Additionally, the Arc Vector’s 95 kW (127 hp) electric motor can accelerate from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of over 120 mph, making it one of the fastest in its class.

On a single 40-minute charge, Arc claims it can travel up to 436 km.

What makes arc vector unique?

The Arc Vector is unique in several ways. It is the first production motorcycle to feature an exoskeleton, which improves rider safety by absorbing and distributing impact forces over a larger area than a conventional motorcycle frame. It also has an integrated head-up display, which projects vital information such as speed, range and navigation onto the eyepiece of the rider’s helmet.

Another unique feature is the Arc Vector’s haptic jacket. Through the use of sensors, the motorcycle’s lean angle, blind spots and braking force are detected, and vibrations are generated to provide feedback to the rider. This data allows the rider to adjust the power and braking of the bike accordingly.

This allows the motorcycle to be ridden with the same feedback as a traditional motorcycle, making it easier to ride smoothly and safely.

Other standard features include traction control and adaptive regeneration.

arc vector safety

The motorcycle is equipped with several safety devices to protect the rider. The main feature goes to the HMI system. When riding an electric motorcycle, it is difficult to obtain crucial information to drive it efficiently and safely.

Having only one gear, making little noise and not feeling any vibration, it can be difficult to judge braking and cornering signals like with gasoline engine motorcycles.

The HMI system provides these details, so these queues are fed back to the driver for a better and safer driving experience.

The Haptic Vest has an integrated back protector equipped with round feedback components called Arc Exciters. When a car appears in the driver’s blind spot, the components vibrate, giving the driver feedback that travels up the rear at increased speed as the vehicle approaches from behind.

This amazing feature gives the rider an extra layer of safety at the most vulnerable spots in the road. Plus, every Vector is handcrafted for the rider who orders one. This allows elements such as the footpegs, yokes and saddle to be perfectly synchronized with its rider for improved ride and safety. Arc claims the Vector is the safest motorcycle on the market and is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

The future of arc vector

Arc designed the Vector with the future in mind. He wanted to build a motorcycle that could withstand possible regulatory changes in the future.

After some funding issues, ARC Vector electric motorcycles are now available to order. It is currently priced at £90,000 (US$104,305).

Combined with the HUD motorcycle helmet and haptic feedback vest, the comprehensive Arc Vector system makes this the most advanced motorcycle available. The Arc Vector is perfect for anyone who wants the best possible riding experience.

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