The 1994 Honda RC45 is the reason for the company’s success in MotoGP

Success in motorcycle racing has always been a key goal for Honda, and the Japanese giant has some exceptional motorcycles that have helped it achieve that goal. A good example of such a bike is the 1994 Honda RC45 (or RVF750R) which brought the company a number of victories, including three Suzuka Eight Hours titles and several WSBK races. In fact, it’s also one of the reasons for the company’s prowess in MotoGP.

The Honda RC45 was a special homologation

A clean RC45 like this can sell for well over $100,000

The RC45, successor to the famous RC30, was a limited edition homologation special, built with one goal: to bring racing success. Because of this, the bike had no shortage of high-end (1990s) components and one of them was its engine. While it looked quite “normal” 749cc, V4 from the outside, the engine featured special low-friction pistons, titanium connecting rods and an adjustable fuel injection system.


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All of this, along with a new bore and stroke configuration, helped the engine produce over 100 horsepower in its road-ready version. Interestingly, this V4 engine is believed to serve as an ancestor to Honda’s current MotoGP V4 engine. Meanwhile, the RC45 rolled on 16/17-inch (F/R) wheels gripped by Nissin brakes at both ends and suspended on fully-adjustable 41mm USD forks and a gas-charged monoshock, respectively.

The Honda RC45 still looks like a beauty

These wide-eyed still have a distinct fan base in these modern times.

The RC45 was a sexy bike in its day, and we think it still is. Round eyes, edgy tail section, and a stellar single-sided swingarm make it a gorgeous old-school beast, and its tricolor livery only adds to its swagger. Like the headlight, the cockpit also has all-analog round dials, and that’s something enthusiasts like you and me will appreciate. And if you really enjoy it, you’ll be glad to know you have the chance to bring one home.

1994 Honda RC45 for sale at iconic motorcycle auction

The RC45 looks stunning from every angle, especially the rear

Iconic Motorbike Auctions has a near-new Honda RC45 up for grabs with just 1km on its analog odometer. Clean, flawless bodywork and fully original parts confirm this reading, as do the detailed documentation that comes with it. Oh, and the bike is also completely stock, without any accessories.

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So what is the price? Well, the latest Honda RC45 with a similar odometer reading sold for just over $100,000 at Iconic Motorbike Auctions, and you can expect a similar fate for that. However, before you look at your bank account and sob, you should make an offer (that you can afford) just in case it’s your lucky day.

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