Tech & Stuff: Cerence x Micware Team Up For Motorcycle Voice Assistance Platforms


Amid the gigantic advancements we’ve seen in electric mobility, there’s one niche of advancement we don’t often think of when it comes to motorcycles: voice assist technology.

Of course, we don’t need it, but many manufacturers are already integrating voice assistance into their own branded motorcycles – from Harley-Davidson. Android Auto integration into their Boom! â„¢ Box GTS infotainment system (we thought we would have seen something on their new Pan America or maybe the Livewire One, but HD apparently had other plans), for reports that Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica “is working to place device in a helmet to talk to a smartphone connected to the motorcycle.

Suffice it to say times are changing – and Cerence Inc., a company interested in AI technology, is capitalizing on the market by partnering with Micware, Co., Ltd. to create applications and platforms for Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

Source: AutoFutures

finance Yahoo!, in particular, was specific about this collaboration benefiting the “Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers” – so we automatically think of Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda – maybe even Suzuki … although it’s been a while since we last not seen anything surprisingly advanced on their part.

Reports from VoiceBot and finance Yahoo! declare that “Cerence Ride uses speech recognition, natural language understanding and improved corporate voice signal to deliver communications, navigation, entertainment and vehicle information and voice control of settings. “

Micware contributes to the transaction by sharing its knowledge “Navigation software and other digital tool software for two-wheelers”, with the alleged agreement “Increase Micrware’s products with proprietary voice assistants powered by Cerence faster than would be possible without the automotive AI giant.”

Basically, two giants of the tech market have come together to get us some cool stuff, faster.

Cared for.

An overview of the partnership between Cerence and Micware

Source: AutoVision News

“Two-wheeler manufacturers can customize AI in their own way and make it compatible with Android, iOS or an in-vehicle operating system according to their needs.” says Takuma Segawa, director of Micware.

“The integration of Micware’s navigation technologies and Cerence’s cutting-edge voice interaction technologies will open up new possibilities for two-wheeler OEMs and their drivers, and we are very excited about this collaboration.”

“With this collaboration as a first step, we are developing our activity in the two-wheeler market. “

“The explosive growth of the two-wheeler market presents an exciting opportunity to leverage our experience in the automotive market for a whole new mobility experience. ” adds Cerence senior vice president Charles Kuai.

“We are delighted to be working with Micware to deliver a wide range of intelligent voice experiences to riders around the world in partnership with Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers. “

Maybe the original idea of ​​this team will complement motorcycles, maybe not – anyway, it’s pretty amazing that the technology is at the point where it is, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of that. partnership, and how that will benefit the correct motorcycling community.

Be sure to stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening on this thread as it evolves; in the meantime, check out other recent news from our archives and, as always, stay cautious about twisties.

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