Tatamel electric motorcycle folds up to sit under a desk


While an electric motorcycle can be a fun and economical form of transportation, finding parking for it could be problematic. This is where the Tatamel Bike comes in, because it can slip under a desk when folded.

Developed by the Japanese startup Icoma, the Tatamel currently exists as a fully functional prototype. The company is intend to put it into production.

When unfolded for riding, the motorcycle measures 1230 mm long by 1000 mm high by 650 mm wide (48.4 by 39.3 by 25.6 inches). Its 600-watt motor is powered by a 12 Ah lithium-ion-phosphate battery, delivering a top speed of 40 km / h (25 mph) and a maximum range of around 50 km (31 miles). It should be noted that the performance figures are estimates for the final production model.

When folded for storage, the Tatamel measures 700 x 680 x 260mm (27.6 x 26.8 x 10.2 inches). It can still be rolled on its front wheel and a rear set of folding casters, with the rider pulling it by a hinged handle.

The Tatamel Bike, ready to go under what appears to be a matching desk


Some of its other features include front and rear suspension (coil spring in the latter), a full LED lighting system, the ability to charge other devices from its battery, and interchangeable side panels for advertising or any other signage. According to Icoma, the vehicle is legally classified as a moped (in Japan, at least), so drivers should only need a standard driver’s license.

It is currently not known when the Tatamel Bike may be commercially available. For now, however, you can watch the prototype in action, in the following Japanese video.

ICOMA タ タ メ ル バ イ ク 」テ ィ ザ ー 映像

Source: Icoma


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