Tarform Luna electric motorcycle gets a stylish new version of Cafe Racer


Brooklyn’s Tarform Motorcycles have released the cafe racer version of their Luna electric motorcycle. It’s not much different from the original Scrambler version, but it does highlight the modular flexibility of the platform and has a few little touches.

With production still set to begin this year, Tarform is now offering two versions of the Luna, both at the same rather hefty price tag of US $ 24,000. The original bike is now known as the Scrambler Edition, with a hint of off-road flavor, and the new one will be known as the Racer Edition.

Not much changes here; both bikes share the same retro-futuristic body shape, the same 11.8 kWh battery, the same 55 hp electric motor, and the same 440 lb (200 kg) weight.

The changes are therefore mainly aesthetic, with a side of functionality; the Racer Edition will wear slightly less funky Avon Sport ST street tires, it will sit an inch and a half lower on a firmer, street-oriented suspension. The unassuming headlight bucket on the Scrambler is replaced with a toasted aerodynamic mini-fairing that works with the look of the bike. The battery case gets new wavy lines, which we think looks awesome – although they did a good job with the Scrambler as well.

The changes are mostly cosmetic, with black anodized bars, a swingarm, turn signals and mirrors, and a new headlight unit

And then there is the handlebars. Probably the most recognizable part of the cafe racer aesthetic is a pair of low clips on a bare bike. Not here. The Tarform Luna Racer Edition has the same sensually machined metal flat bar as the Scrambler, but here it’s anodized in black, complete with the swingarm, passenger footpegs, mirrors, and indicator pods.

Cafe Racer aficionados might lament the lack of downward-slanting clips and associated riding position, but the modular concept here doesn’t go that far. The attractive digital bicycle dashboard is integrated into the handlebars, so the bar stays.

While 24,000,000 is a lot for a motorcycle, especially one that probably only travels 120 miles (~ 200 km) around town, or 60 miles (~ 100 km) on the highway before it requires a long stop at a charging point. , Tarform adds a few tasty bits to sweeten the deal: a keyless ignition, 180-degree rear view camera, and haptic dead-spot feedback through the bars are probably the highlights.

The pretty flat machined shrouds, which will annoy connoisseurs of café racer

The pretty flat machined shrouds, which will annoy connoisseurs of café racer

There is also an acoustic “sonic aura” sound to announce your presence on the street, regenerated braking, Bluetooth connectivity, three driving modes and a 3.5 kW on-board charger.

There’s still no word on the suspension and brakes on regular bikes, but if you get a Founder Edition (price unknown) you can get Ohlins front and rear gears with brakes. Sophisticated ISR Performance, as well as hand-formed aluminum. for bodywork and trellis frame anywhere.

Tarform is taking deposits of $ 500 now, with bikes reportedly rolling later this year. They are certainly pretty spectators. The video below shows the Scrambler version, so just pretend some bits are black.

TARFORM – A new breed

Source: Tarform


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