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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spilled over into the developer space, with a well-known npm maintainer adding “protestware” as a dependency to a very popular package.

Security vendor Snyk is tracking what it says is a vulnerability and a supply chain security incident, involving the Peacenotwar NPM package.

the peacenotwar was written and published by npm maintainer Brandon Nozaki Miller, also known as RIAevangelist, Sparky, and Electric Cowboy, and the world’s first licensed professional electric motorcycle rider.

Miller wanted the module to be “protestware”, to reflect people’s opposition to the war.

“This code serves as a non-destructive example of the importance of controlling your node modules.

“It also serves as a non-violent protest against Russia’s aggression that threatens the world right now.

This module will add a message of peace to your users’ desktops, and it will only do so if it doesn’t already exist just to be polite,” Miller wrote in the module’s description.

Snyk said almost no one downloaded the npm package until it was added as a dependency by Miller to the node-ipc module from versions 9.2.2 and 11.0.0.

Node-ipc provides fast inter-process communication services over UNIX sockets and popular Internet data transport protocols.

Miller’s node-ipc is a popular inter-process communication module, and is used by a number of JavaScript developers in frameworks such as Vue.js and Node.js.

Snyk called the peacenotwar dependency for node-ipc a dangerous act on Miller’s part, noting that he manages over 40 other npm packages with hundreds of millions of downloads.

“How does this impact the maintainer’s future reputation and participation in the developer community?

“Would this maintainer be trusted again not to follow through with future acts in such actions or even more aggressive actions for any projects in which he is involved?” Snyk wrote.

Snyk added that the incident illustrates the impact of nested dependencies, which can reach key ecosystem projects.

Upcoming launch of the HOP OXO electric bike, currently being tested https://joergteuchert.com/upcoming-launch-of-the-hop-oxo-electric-bike-currently-being-tested/ Sat, 05 Mar 2022 07:53:13 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/upcoming-launch-of-the-hop-oxo-electric-bike-currently-being-tested/

With each passing day, the competition in the e-motorcycle segment is getting tougher as tons of manufacturers after conquering the e-scooter segment are trying to gain an edge in the e-bike market. One of the latest entrants to this contest is Rajasthan-based HOP Electric Mobility. The company recently removed the covers from its soon to be launched e-bike – HOP OXO. HOP Electric unveiled its world’s first electric bike ahead of the official launch and revealed that the EV motorcycle is currently in beta testing.

The company said it has extended its testing exercise with its dealer partners and consumers to get useful, real-world data about their motorcycle. HOP Electric Mobility said its R&D team is carefully reviewing the overall beta testing program to understand and fix the shortcomings of its first all-electric motorcycle. He further added that the inputs received from dealers and consumers during the closed-loop beta testing program will help the brand develop a user-friendly product.

Ketan Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder of HOP Electric Mobility, said, “Even though products are developed by engineers and designers in studios and labs, dealer and consumer feedback is extremely crucial. We are delighted to announce that HOP Electric Mobility is the first Indian electric vehicle player to launch consumer trials. With the #OXOSNEAKPEEK program, we receive direct feedback and suggestions from selected partners. Along with the information we have gathered from performing over 30,000 km of in-house road testing across India, this information will prove essential in launching products that meet the demands of today’s customers.

In the test phase, HOP Electric Mobility has traveled more than 30,000 km on the OXO mules in about 20 cities across India including Jodhpur, Jaipur, Patna, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Kolkata and others. Additionally, HOP has opened a state-of-the-art HOP Megaplex production facility in Jaipur which produces the company’s electric scooters which are for sale in the country. The company hopes to have a production capacity of 1.8 lakh units per year. Currently, the company produces about 100 electric scooters from the HOP Megaplex and has a total of 55 delivery points in the country.

Currently, HOP Electric offers two electric scooters – HOP LEO and HOP LYF – in the local market. The products deliver a range of 70 to 120 km and retail for between Rs 72,000 and Rs 95,000, depending on the state of sale. Reports suggest that the HOP OXO will be powered by an electric motor coupled to a Li-Ion battery capable of reaching a top speed of 100 km/h and a range of 150 km on a single full charge.

Earlier this year in January, HOP Electric Mobility revealed that it plans to invest Rs 100 crore over the next two years to expand electric vehicle manufacturing capacity. During the announcement, the company’s CEO, Ketan Mehta, said, “We are targeting the commuter segment with our products. Currently, most electric two-wheelers cost more than Rs 1 lakh. We seek to gain mass market volume by offering affordable scooters and motorcycles with longer range and higher speeds. HOP electric aims to increase production capacity from 50,000 units per year at its Jaipur plant to 1,00,000 units per year.

LiveWire Opens Experience Center in Malibu, CA – Roadracing World Magazine https://joergteuchert.com/livewire-opens-experience-center-in-malibu-ca-roadracing-world-magazine/ Sat, 26 Feb 2022 03:25:56 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/livewire-opens-experience-center-in-malibu-ca-roadracing-world-magazine/


LiveWire Announces Future Finance Purchase Option for LiveWire ONE Motorcycles

MILWAUKEE, WI – The first LiveWire™ Experience Center, designed to deliver a fully immersive experience centered around the LiveWire ONE™ all-electric motorcycle, has opened in Malibu, California. Inspired by the moving connection of driving LiveWire ONE, the Experience Center seeks to introduce the electric driving experience to visitors while creating a community space for LiveWire users.

“California is one of the most established electric vehicle markets in the world and is an ideal location for the first LiveWire Experience Center,” said Jochen Zeitz, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “The LiveWire ONE motorcycle is designed for the pursuit of urban adventure and the Malibu area offers a superb ride in a variety of environments, both urban and beyond. The Experience Center will give riders and riders non-riders a chance to engage with the LiveWire brand and ultimately experience the thrill of riding the most desirable electric motorcycle available today.

The LiveWire Experience Center was created by LiveWire in collaboration with London designer Steve Lidbury. The interior expresses urban cool adventure, with polished concrete, engineered wood, perforated steel and detailed textures. The 1,766 square foot space includes a virtual exhibit hall to support live video chats with LiveWire representatives, presentations of LiveWire technology and design, a collaborative showcase with presentations by LiveWire partners , a socializing and event space and LiveWire One motorcycles available for demonstration rides. Customers can place an order for a new LiveWire ONE motorcycle online and pick it up at home or locally, courtesy of an authorized LiveWire dealer*.

Visit the LiveWire Experience Center at 3848 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA, 90265.

Announcing Future LiveWire Funding

The LiveWire Future-Forward Financing Program offers a 48-month LiveWire ONE ownership experience, with a shorter, simplified, lease-like term with multiple ways to end the program

according to customer needs. Unlike a traditional loan where the buyer may be responsible for higher monthly payments and longer terms, the LiveWire Future-Forward financing program is available at a payment as low as $286 per month for 47 months with only 10% down payment, plus a final 48th payment. of $9,948.97. At the end of the 48-month term, you have the option to:

Return (2) the LiveWire ONE motorcycle to the dealer, simply ending the program.
Trade in the LiveWire ONE for any new LiveWire model, starting a new 48-month program.

Refinance (1) or pay off the remaining balance, owning the LiveWire.

With the LiveWire Future-Forward funding program, it’s easier than ever to start riding a new LiveWire ONE all-electric motorcycle.

Redefining Electric

LiveWire ONE was created to redefine electric, delivering the best experience for the urban cyclist, with personality and soul:

BIKE WITH A PULSE: Haptic heartbeat adds a touch of humanity to electricity

DIGITALLY CONNECTED: Broadcast directions, monitor alerts and track charging status

Instant Acceleration: Smooth electric motor power that can produce 100% of its rated torque instantly.

FAST CHARGE: DC Fast Charge 0-100% in 60 minutes / 0-80% in 45 minutes**

FAR RANGE: 146 miles of city range, capable of traveling beyond the urban network***

CUSTOM MODES: Set the performance of LiveWire ONE and customize your experience

CONTROL: Advanced drive systems and 6-axis IMU track and anticipate changes

1 Subject to credit approval.

2 Excess wear and tear, mileage and other contract charges may apply. Please visit a LiveWire store or visit LiveWire for details.

*For the current list of LiveWire resellers, please visit LiveWire.

**Charging rate will vary depending on charging unit output and ambient/vehicle temperature.

***Range estimates are based on expected performance on a fully charged battery and are derived from data from the SAE J2982 range test procedure on a sample motorcycle under ideal laboratory conditions. Your actual range will vary depending on your personal driving habits, road and driving conditions, ambient weather conditions, vehicle condition and maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle configuration (parts and accessories) and vehicle load (load, weight of driver and passenger).

CES 2022: New Electric Superbikes and Trucks Put Sustainability on Tech Agenda https://joergteuchert.com/ces-2022-new-electric-superbikes-and-trucks-put-sustainability-on-tech-agenda/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 15:55:07 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/ces-2022-new-electric-superbikes-and-trucks-put-sustainability-on-tech-agenda/

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 opened to thousands of people on Wednesday in Las Vegas, despite the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States, as one of the world’s largest trade shows attempts to resume its activities.

After a series of top companies like Amazon and Google were canceled due to growing virus risk, the return of the in-person convention was initially questioned.

But organizers insisted on the mandatory health passport and face mask requirements inside the event, as well as the significance to the show – with its mix of journalists, entrepreneurs and amateurs. technology from around the world – to continue.

And tech enthusiasts weren’t disappointed; one of the key words at this year’s tech show was sustainability, with electric vehicle makers among those who made it to Las Vegas.

Car manufacturers are going green

From racing cars and backhoes to superbikes that claim to compete with some of the world’s biggest brands, manufacturers have missed no opportunity to wow audiences and prove that you can still ride in style while passing. at the Green light.

Plus, they say, electricity shouldn’t mean sacrificing style anymore.

“Well that’s the key. I mean until Damon came along the answer was no, if you went from a gasoline bike to an electric motorcycle you’d be making a compromise, which nobody did. is willing to do just to go electric. ”Jay Giraud, CEO of Damon Motorcycles, told Euronews Next.

“That’s why we’ve focused on developing a whole new kind of electric powertrain technology that delivers so much power and energy needed to outperform gas.

“So this bike is capable of 200 mph, 146 miles of range, zero to 60 in under three seconds and it’s as good or better than any superbike you can buy from any of the main manufacturers “.

Other vehicles, like gas-guzzling trucks, as much a symbol of America as Bruce Springsteen and dinner-and-the-road, are also going fully electric and are already available for sale, provided people are willing to pay up to three times the cost of a diesel or gasoline truck.

The challenges of charging infrastructure

Another challenge for potential buyers would be finding a place to charge their electric truck, as the charging infrastructure for this type of vehicle is still in its infancy.

In contrast, charging electric superbikes is relatively straightforward, according to Giraud.

“There are already tens of thousands of charging stations across North America and Europe – they’re basically ubiquitous,” he revealed.

Not surprisingly for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, one of the big brands on display this year is Tesla.

Elon Musk’s engineering firm went underground, building tunnels under the conference center, to transport passengers back and forth from the venues.

After descending into the tunnels below the conference center, visitors are invited to board one of the futuristic cars for an undoubtedly smooth and enduring – albeit slightly eerie – journey underground to your destination.

Someday, it’s possible, all trips will look like this, but that moment could still be far away.

To learn more about this story, watch the video in the media player above.

This motorcycle looks like the future we’ve always dreamed of https://joergteuchert.com/this-motorcycle-looks-like-the-future-weve-always-dreamed-of/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:29:49 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/this-motorcycle-looks-like-the-future-weve-always-dreamed-of/


Untitled Motorcycle’s XP Zero has hot hatch torque and a Tate-worthy design

This, in purely objective terms, is a custom electric motorcycle. And this rather dry sentence illustrates the fundamental flaw of pure objectivity: the inability to make value judgments.

And, when you talk about a rolling sculpture like this, a series of shapes and forms that combine and intersect, catching your eyes and overwhelming your brain, suddenly phrases like “my truth” don’t sound so oxymoronic anymore. . Or ordinary moron.

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The truth, at least from where we sit, is that this is the kind of machine we would park inside the house, ditching the TV and spending evenings watching it instead. Then again, given its manufacturer, this is probably a common reaction.

Untitled Motorcycles has been making motorcycles more beautiful since 2010, designing and building custom creations based on Ducatis, Triumphs, BMW, etc. We also happen to be particularly fond of his Hyper Scrambler, an 800cc trellis-framed Ducati that weighs less than a Vespa. We assume this is quite vivid.

And this fierce focus on removing a bike of all unnecessary weight, whether physical or visual, is so far down our street that it is already parking in our driveway. If weight is the enemy of any car – and it absolutely is – it doubles for motorcycles.

Which clearly brings us to the biggest problem with electric power: weight. For all that humanity has figured out, it seems making an electric powertrain with decent range and low weight is a bridge too far. Or at least it was.

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While automakers throw in two-ton leviathans and say it’s fine (to say nothing of the upcoming Hummer EV, which rivals the Death Star for its mass), it doesn’t half seem like the bike builders have discovered the secret.

Namely, the XP Zero weighs 218 kg – just 6 kg more than the Honda CBR1000RR, 5 kg more than the delicious MV Agusta F4RR and one kilo more than the Ducati 998. For a small comparison of the weight stakes for the e-bikes, that’s 31kg lighter than Harley’s Livewire and 40kg lighter than Energica’s Ego superbike.

In terms of motivation, you’re considering 110 hp of … well, an electric motor, obviously. For anyone unfamiliar with road bikes, a good rule of thumb is that 50hp is enough, 100hp is pretty fast, 150hp is close to superbike territory, and 200hp is right in the middle of it. . Anything over 200 hp, just for reference, is fully doolly. But, just like the power wars that the big German brands got into some time ago …

Even so, what this increasingly overpowered pair of superbikes can’t deliver is massive torque. For example, it is quite possible for a regular bettor to go out and buy a Ducati Panigale V4R, then come away with a frankly absurd 234 hp between their legs. But this power tower, like most motorcycles, comes courtesy of stratospheric revs – over 15,000 of them at peak power. There’s also a very healthy 83 lb-ft supply (you wouldn’t be making that much horsepower otherwise), but that figure immediately pales against the XP Zero’s 146 lb-ft, plastered on a torque curve that stays flat well. in license shredding speeds. For reference, this is roughly the same torque as the Hyundai i20N.

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As you might expect, then, the performance numbers are hardly shabby. The official 0-60 road time is 3.7 seconds, which, considering that nothing at 124 mph takes 7.0 seconds, makes it seem like it’s being limited by a) traction and b ) the cyclist’s ability to stay on the bike. For comparison, this is the same 0-124 mph time as the McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and LaFerrari. So, you know, quick.

And, when countless bursts of neck snapping have depleted your battery, the on-board charger can recharge the 14.4kWh battery in two to four hours. If you then ride like a respectable human being, you can expect 160 miles of range before you have to do it again. Of course, you can select different performance modes, depending on your situation, your needs, and your willingness to listen to the pervert’s imp.

If you get into a mischief (we can understand that), a slew of top-of-the-line components – aerospace aluminum this one, remote tank that, yoke floating the other – guard against an immediate dose of inevitability. All the same, we recommend all the equipment. And the whole track day too, while we’re on the subject. But regardless of the speed, it will still look like a rolling sculpture. Until you throw it away, of course. It could then look like modern art.

Objectively, therefore, the XP Zero is fast, light and powerful. Subjectively, it’s a shame that we don’t have one.


Tech & Stuff: Cerence x Micware Team Up For Motorcycle Voice Assistance Platforms https://joergteuchert.com/tech-stuff-cerence-x-micware-team-up-for-motorcycle-voice-assistance-platforms/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 16:49:55 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/tech-stuff-cerence-x-micware-team-up-for-motorcycle-voice-assistance-platforms/


Amid the gigantic advancements we’ve seen in electric mobility, there’s one niche of advancement we don’t often think of when it comes to motorcycles: voice assist technology.

Of course, we don’t need it, but many manufacturers are already integrating voice assistance into their own branded motorcycles – from Harley-Davidson. Android Auto integration into their Boom! â„¢ Box GTS infotainment system (we thought we would have seen something on their new Pan America or maybe the Livewire One, but HD apparently had other plans), for reports that Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica “is working to place device in a helmet to talk to a smartphone connected to the motorcycle.

Suffice it to say times are changing – and Cerence Inc., a company interested in AI technology, is capitalizing on the market by partnering with Micware, Co., Ltd. to create applications and platforms for Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

Source: AutoFutures

finance Yahoo!, in particular, was specific about this collaboration benefiting the “Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers” – so we automatically think of Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda – maybe even Suzuki … although it’s been a while since we last not seen anything surprisingly advanced on their part.

Reports from VoiceBot and finance Yahoo! declare that “Cerence Ride uses speech recognition, natural language understanding and improved corporate voice signal to deliver communications, navigation, entertainment and vehicle information and voice control of settings. “

Micware contributes to the transaction by sharing its knowledge “Navigation software and other digital tool software for two-wheelers”, with the alleged agreement “Increase Micrware’s products with proprietary voice assistants powered by Cerence faster than would be possible without the automotive AI giant.”

Basically, two giants of the tech market have come together to get us some cool stuff, faster.

Cared for.

An overview of the partnership between Cerence and Micware

Source: AutoVision News

“Two-wheeler manufacturers can customize AI in their own way and make it compatible with Android, iOS or an in-vehicle operating system according to their needs.” says Takuma Segawa, director of Micware.

“The integration of Micware’s navigation technologies and Cerence’s cutting-edge voice interaction technologies will open up new possibilities for two-wheeler OEMs and their drivers, and we are very excited about this collaboration.”

“With this collaboration as a first step, we are developing our activity in the two-wheeler market. “

“The explosive growth of the two-wheeler market presents an exciting opportunity to leverage our experience in the automotive market for a whole new mobility experience. ” adds Cerence senior vice president Charles Kuai.

“We are delighted to be working with Micware to deliver a wide range of intelligent voice experiences to riders around the world in partnership with Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers. “

Maybe the original idea of ​​this team will complement motorcycles, maybe not – anyway, it’s pretty amazing that the technology is at the point where it is, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of that. partnership, and how that will benefit the correct motorcycling community.

Be sure to stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening on this thread as it evolves; in the meantime, check out other recent news from our archives and, as always, stay cautious about twisties.

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British Army tests electric motorcycles for military airdrops https://joergteuchert.com/british-army-tests-electric-motorcycles-for-military-airdrops/ Mon, 27 Dec 2021 10:50:21 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/british-army-tests-electric-motorcycles-for-military-airdrops/


The British Army is currently testing the tactical advantages of its new Sur-Ron Firefly electric motorcycle, which would be included in military airdrops with paratroopers.

With a peak power of around six kilowatts, the lightweight, stealth electric motorcycle produces much lower sound and thermal signatures than gasoline-powered motorcycles, making it suitable for military operations in hostile environments.

The Firefly can travel at a top speed of 40 to 45 miles (65 to 72 kilometers) per hour and is built with long-travel suspension and trail tires for rugged off-road riding.

The 47 kilogram (103 lb) motorcycle is equipped with upgradeable belt kits, allowing the drive chain to be a quieter carbon fiber reinforced belt for reduced noise.

The developers gave the electric motorcycle a lightweight design for airdrops from airplanes and helicopters.

“Need for air portability”

Captain of the British Air Assault Brigade Dan Lauder Recount American news site Elektrek that the Sur-Ron Firefly trials will provide a better understanding of the military advantages of the electric bicycle and how the British military could use them in ground missions.

He added that the exercises conducted in France could help the service identify the potential implications for allowing the bikes to work with other vehicles in service.

“One of the main reasons we are interested in using motorcycles is the need for air portability and, in particular, airdrops,” Lauder said. “The good thing about such a small vehicle is you can put it in the back of helicopters, you can put it under a helicopter, you can get several in the back of an airplane. , and then also, potentially, you could drop it from the back of an airplane under a parachute.

In addition to meeting the need for air portability within the military, the captain stressed that the new vehicle would provide the service with improved strategic mobility. The motorcycle could go “quite far, quite quickly and relatively easily”.

“Acquire increased military attention”

Last month, the United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command demonstrated how a pair of electric motorcycles can be side mounted on a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter using an external magazine support system.

In addition to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, several countries are said to have integrated electric motorcycles in their parachute and special forces units. According to iNews, the Danish armed forces and another NATO member tested high-powered e-bikes for tactical purposes.


EPA plans to replace old scooters https://joergteuchert.com/epa-plans-to-replace-old-scooters/ Sun, 19 Dec 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/epa-plans-to-replace-old-scooters/


Under this program, people can earn carbon credits that they can trade on a market system, but an academic said they might not generate high returns.

  • By Lo Chi, Yang Mien-chieh and Jonathan Chin / Staff Journalists, with Editor-in-Chief

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) is considering a carbon credit program to encourage people to replace aging scooters with electric ones, EPA Deputy Minister Tsai Hung-teh (蔡鴻德) said on Friday.

The program would replace the current vehicle subsidy program next year with a system that rewards people with a carbon credit and NT $ 2,000 for each electric motorcycle purchased to replace a conventional scooter 14 years or older, he said. he declares.

People could redeem their credits on one or more dedicated platforms, Tsai said, adding that a credit’s benchmark value would be determined later.

Photo: Lo Chi, Taipei Times

The program is part of a government goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, an effort that involves creating a regulatory framework for all sources of mobile pollution and rethinking transport as a service, he said. -he declares.

The government’s overall goal is to encourage the use of public transport, electric vehicles and other low-emission transportation options, Tsai added.

The EPA’s announcement received mixed reactions from environmentalists and businesses, with many experts saying the program was not providing enough incentive to buy a new vehicle.

Tsai Chung-yue (蔡中岳), deputy general manager of Citizen of the Earth, Taiwan, said the government deserved praise for creating an innovative program, adding that the program could help Taiwanese keep up with their TV shows. carbon.

However, evidence suggests that carbon markets do not effectively reduce emissions, he said, adding that the government would achieve better results by making public transport cheaper and more efficient.

The price of the EPA carbon offset should initially be set at NT $ 100, which means that a carbon credit would earn only NT $ 29 in one year and less than NT $ 1,000 in 10 years, assuming that Quintuple Carbon Offset Prices and Electric Vehicle The industry is powered entirely by renewable energy, said Chao Chia-wei (趙家 緯), adjunct assistant professor of climate change and sustainability at National Taiwan University.

“Subsidies are greater than credits as an incentive to buy [electric vehicles]”said Chao, adding that the costs and bureaucracy associated with obtaining carbon credit certificates are intimidating for the average consumer.

The motorcycle industry expects to lose 720,000 sales if the EPA makes its vehicle subsidy changes, said Kwang Yang Motor general manager Ko Chun-ping (柯俊斌).

The carbon footprint of an electric motorcycle is roughly the same as that of a gasoline powered scooter due to the emissions associated with the total battery life cycle, a SYM Motors spokesperson said, adding that the EPA should not favor one type of vehicle over another.

Additional reports by Yang Ya-min

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E-Xplorer SA to promote the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup Electric Racing Series – Roadracing World Magazine https://joergteuchert.com/e-xplorer-sa-to-promote-the-fim-e-xplorer-world-cup-electric-racing-series-roadracing-world-magazine/ Fri, 17 Dec 2021 09:41:22 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/e-xplorer-sa-to-promote-the-fim-e-xplorer-world-cup-electric-racing-series-roadracing-world-magazine/


E-Xplorer SA signs as official promoter of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) ahead of the first FIM E-Xplorer World Cup

E-Xplorer SA becomes the official promoter of the FIM series and the holder of the commercial rights ahead of the inaugural first season of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup in 2022.

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has appointed E-Xplorer SA as official promoter of the series and holder of the commercial rights for the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. The parties were represented respectively by E-Xplorer CEO Valentin Guyonnet, CCO Carina Munte and FIM President Jorge Viegas at a signing at FIM headquarters in Mies, Switzerland.

The appointment of E-Xplorer SA as the new FIM promoter ushers in an exciting era for motorsport, with the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup acting as the global laboratory for two-wheeled electric technology and mobility. Attracting some of the most well-known motorcycle builders, the World Series will help test, develop and prove tomorrow’s two-wheel electric technology on notable urban and rural stages across the globe.
With a commitment to sustainability dating back almost three decades, the FIM was the first international sports federation to establish an Environmental Code, published for the first time since 1994.

As both organizations proudly promote equality in sport, the partnership between FIM and E-Xplorer hopes to encourage diversity and equality in motorsport. Founded and powered by a team of women and men, E-Xplorer SA will ensure that both sexes are represented in all commercial, operational and sporting aspects of the series. With a total of 10 teams, each will compete with a woman and a man – at five events across the world in the inaugural season.

This appointment allows E-Xplorer SA to join a select group of 12 existing FIM promoters and become the first promoter of the FIM E-Bike Commission (CEB), opening a new and unique category of electric motorcycle racing in urban environments. and rural.

FIM President Jorge Viegas declares: “This announcement marks an important moment for the FIM, since it is the first promoter of the FIM E-Bike Commission (CEB). The E-Xplorer team will bring a lot of experience to this series, but it is also a modern and dynamic organization which reflects the nature of this new championship. It is the first all-electric discipline for teams and manufacturers, which will take place in a mix of off-road and urban venues. Additionally, the series will promote gender equality, with each team having a male and female rider. Ultimately, we believe the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup will serve as a testing ground for the development of “off-road” electric motorcycles.

Valentin Guyonnet, CEO of E-Xplorer SA declares: “Joining our forces with the FIM and becoming the world promoter of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is a great moment for us, for the FIM and for motorsport in general.

With shared values ​​to advance the future of two-wheel technology and see greater equality in sport, the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is the destination for the biggest motorcycle builders and the best racing riders. . In doing so, the series will act as a catalyst for the development of the latest technology, which will be tested to the extreme by some of the greatest athletes when the competition kicks off in 2022.

Seeing the rate at which the series is growing is amazing. We are delighted with the reception we have received from the FIM and the interest we have shown in the major motorcycle manufacturers, who all see the series as a way to stay on the cutting edge of electric motorcycle technology. The FIM has been with us from the very beginning and I am delighted to continue to see them supporting the E-Xplorer World Cup as a world authority in sport.

E-Xplorer SA CCO Carina Munte Says: “Together with the FIM, the team of men and women behind E-Xplorer SA feeds into all aspects of this series to create an environment where women and men can thrive and compete at the same level. While gender equality is still a statement in today’s sports world, we hope other series can follow us and help it become the norm.

Beyond that, the series hopes to encourage exploration and stewardship of the environment. E-Xplorer was created to harness and promote the power of the environments we run in – not to harness them. Along with FIM’s long-standing commitment, the series seeks to improve the relationship between motorcycling and the environment by pitting the latest technologies of zero-emission electric motorcycles against each other in a competitive setting. With races taking place in some of the world’s most spectacular urban and rural settings, the FIM E-Explorer World Cup is a radical new form of motorsport aimed at forward-thinking generations who believe in the power of sport to drive a positive change.

FIM and E-Xplorer SA are launching a call for applications for teams ahead of the inaugural season which will start in 2022.

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Connected Motorcycle Market Worth $ 757 Million By 2027 https://joergteuchert.com/connected-motorcycle-market-worth-757-million-by-2027/ Thu, 16 Dec 2021 10:30:00 +0000 https://joergteuchert.com/connected-motorcycle-market-worth-757-million-by-2027/


CHICAGO, December 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to New Market Research Report Connected motorcycle market by device (integrated, connected), call service, type of communication (V2V, V2I), type of network (C-V2X, DSRC), end user (private, commercial), service, type of motorcycle, application, propulsion and region – Global Forecast until 2027 “, published by MarketsandMarkets â„¢, the size of the global connected motorcycles market is expected to increase from $ 55 million in 2021 to $ 757 million by 2027, to a CAGR of 54.7%.

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Factors such as increasing sales of premium motorcycles around the world, growing demand for motorcycle safety and driver assistance as well as growing demand for usage-based insurance and infotainment systems in motorcycles will drive demand for the connected motorcycle market. Upcoming regulations for motorcycle safety in countries around the world will also boost the market.

Commercial segment is expected to represent the largest market during the forecast period

Commercial users of connected motorcycles include fleet managers, insurers and other service providers. All these stakeholders rely on real-time vehicle data collected using a tracking device. For example, a tracking device in a vehicle can be installed under the hood or on the windshield. It collects vehicle data for analysis by a network provider. The network provider then provides information to the insurance provider. Vodafone Automotive offers insurance for use in vehicles in partnership with Generali Group. These insurers also offer additional value-added services such as theft alerts, accident assistance, roadside recovery and emergency services, including eCall and bCall. Usage-based insurance reduces the cost of premiums while providing easy claims. An accident / accident scene can be accurately reconstructed using the collected data. Therefore, this helps reduce the number of false claims. Companies like Hertz Ride, Bikesbooking, Eagle Rider, Riderly, MdorNomad, RentaRide, Edelweissbike, Indian Motorcycle and RetroVentures offer motorcycle rental services to individuals and businesses. They use connected vehicle features for their ridesharing services. Many logistics companies also use connectivity services on their motorcycles to enable tracking of vehicle location and dynamics for their delivery personnel. This leads to an increase in the demand for connected motorcycles in the commercial vehicle sector.

Vehicle telematics offers new revenue opportunities for OEMs and other third-party service providers. On-board sensors collect essential vehicle information such as speed, driving mode, trip information and parking locations. OEMs analyze this data and profile riders based on their riding behavior. This data can facilitate the warranty claim process. OEMs now have the option to void the warranty if the driver intentionally violates warranty rules by monitoring and using improper driving modes. OEMs can notify the rider of upcoming maintenance to avoid costly repairs. This data is also useful for other third party service providers. Service providers can offer tailor-made services for each rider after analyzing vehicle data. Further such implications would drive the demand for connectivity services in motorcycles during the forecast period. E-commerce companies will also be significant consumers of connected motorcycles due to their home delivery services in many populated countries. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have already used aspects of connected technology in motorcycles.

eCall is expected to represent the largest market size during the forecast period

The eCall system consists of components such as the positioning system (GPS [global positioning system]/ GLONASS [global navigation satellite system]), communication system (GSM [global system for mobile communications]) and electronic control units. Once the vehicle’s sensors detect an accident or collision, the system automatically dials the emergency number and contacts the nearest emergency call center. The systems also collect a minimum set of data such as the time of the accident, the precise position and the description of the accident vehicle. The eCall function can be triggered manually in case the rider wishes to contact the emergency center. The system should increase the chances of survival in the event of a fatal accident. ECall service providers must comply with data privacy regulations. According to upcoming European regulations, European eCall services will only be activated in the event of an accident. Therefore, the systems cannot track the vehicle all the time. The eCall services would be beneficial for motorcyclists, who are road users prone to accidents.

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Asia is expected to be the fastest growing market during the forecast period. “

the Asia Pacific region includes the main motorcycle markets such as China, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam. The region accounted for over 90% of global motorcycle sales in 2020. As two-wheelers are a preferred mode of transportation due to their affordability and low maintenance, Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have a strong motorcycle penetration. Motorcycles in the medium and economy segments dominate the market in these countries. However, with a steady increase in disposable income and a growing demand for high-performance motorcycles, the region has attracted a number of high-end motorcycle manufacturers.

The region is home to some of the most innovative motorcycle manufacturers, such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki. These OEMs actively participate in the Connected Motorcycle Consortium to develop connectivity services for motorcycles. They have already launched top-selling motorcycles in the economy segment with connectivity features. The region is also home to some of the world’s best connected motorcycle software providers. Companies like Delphi Automotive, Infineon Technologies and KPIT have worked on the development of automotive technologies, including connected mobility and autonomous technology. This has increased the demand for connected mobility devices in the APAC region. Increasing collaborations to deliver a safe and comfortable riding experience will drive the adoption of connected motorcycles in the region.

The high volume of motorcycle sales is said to drive the growth of the connected motorcycles market in the Asia Pacific Region. With a small percentage of motorcycles connected over the years, the Asia Pacific market would easily overtake other markets because of the high sales of two-wheelers in the years to come. In addition, international motorcycle manufacturers have entered this regional market and introduced sport and adventure motorcycles with large displacement engines. The growing millennial preference for high performance motorcycles and changing lifestyles would drive market growth in this region.

Key market players:

the Connected motorcycle market is dominated by the main equipment manufacturers including Yamaha (Japan), Suzuki (Japan), Kawasaki (Japan), BMW (Germany), and Harley davidson (US) and component manufacturers include Bosch (Germany) and Continental AG (Germany). Numerous software vendors including Starcom Systems (UK), KPIT (India) and e-Novia (Italy), work with platform providers like IBM (US) and Amazon AWS (US) and network providers like Vodafone (UK) and Verizon (US) to develop product and service offerings for the motorcycle ecosystem connected. They have initiated partnerships to develop their connected motorcycle technology and provide finished products to their respective customers for the connected motorcycle market.

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