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Wellington International Airport is home to a unique moped-class electric motorcycle, with its own FTN Motion Street dog takes center stage in the terminal.

The all-electric Streetdog special edition marks the capital-based start-up’s first release and was designed in collaboration with famed local artist, Gina Kiel.

FTN Motion’s mission is to make the world’s finest moped-class electric motorcycles, while reducing traffic jams, travel times and pressure on the planet, say co-founders Kendall Bristow and Luke Sinclair, who designed and created the Streetdog in Wellington, and saw the demand sell the first version in just a few days.

With a massive range of 100km of daily commutes in mixed cities, a top speed of 50km, room for a passenger and 30L of lockable storage, the Streetdog can be driven with a standard car license.

Wellington Airport is among the first 10 to adopt Streetdog, demonstrating its commitment to a greener future. Airport General Manager Steve Sanderson says they’re big supporters of FTN Motion, a Lyall Bay startup, and is excited to showcase them in the terminal for others to see and enjoy.

“The Streetdog provides a convenient and durable way for people to get around Wellington and their design fits perfectly with the creative style of the capital,” he says.

“We are very happy with our own personalized Streetdog and proud to support the locals, with many pieces sourced here in Wellington, as close as Lyall Bay. I’m sure Gina Kiel’s colorful design will be quite a talking point ”.

Wellington Airport Streetdog carries distinctive Kiel work, aligning with FTN Motion’s desire to keep the design and production of their electric vehicles as close to home as possible. Luke Sinclair says they have been working hard to stock up on parts near their Lyall Bay hub.

“We’re incredibly proud to be doing this in Wellington, and working with local experts is important to us,” he says. “Ordering Gina Kiel’s art is part of our philosophy of keeping it close to home”.

Kiel’s works can be found on the streets of Wellington in murals and street art. Known for her flowing shapes, bold, minimal compositions, and psychedelic palette, she says her design for this special edition reflects her signature style.

“The yellow and black colors of Wellington Airport become a central gateway, exiting the bike to connect with the many colorful expressions of the greater Wellington region”.

The Streetdog sits on a specially designed plinth in the heart of the main terminal and will introduce Wellingtonians to its sustainable, stylish and modern mode of transportation. Interested travelers are invited to register on the waiting list for the next release of the second production of Streetdog.

Born of confinement

Luke Sinclair and Kendall Bristow completed the first prototype of their electric moped during the COVID-19 lockdown, proving that something good can come out of tough times. Together with their Amsterdam-based co-founder, Saskia Thornton, they formed FTN Motion and seek to change the way New Zealand and the world move by creating stylish and timeless electric vehicles anchored in the carefree Kiwi lifestyle. .

Different in design, its moped-class electric bike has a unique classic motorcycle feel coupled with deliberately minimalist technology and setup, for a stress-free and straightforward riding experience that will be enjoyed by commuters and adventurers alike. Powered by a 3 kW electric hub motor, it has a range of 100 km and a top speed of 50 km per hour. The battery is easily removable and can be charged from any wall outlet, and has more storage space (30L) than almost any other similar vehicle.

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