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Long before the first BMW GS hit the scene in the 1980s, many bikers used their motorcycles as adventure bikes, taking them on-road and off-road, traveling far and wide and hauling everything but the kitchen sink. kitchen. During World War II, scouts and messengers were content with canvas or leather bags mounted on the back of the motorcycle, and this trend continued after the war, when returning soldiers turned to the motorcycles when they needed inexpensive, fun transportation with cargo capabilities.

As motorcycle technology and capabilities advanced, the need for better load-carrying systems arose because good OEM systems did not yet exist. Motorcycles tended to attract tinkerers and inventors, people with a mechanical or engineering background, and these bikers began to design their own cargo haulers, some of which attracted enough attention to warrant production. Jürgen Swora was one such rider, building a rear tank for his Africa Twin for a tour of Libya in the mid-1990s. Thus began a journey that has become SW-Motech, a world leader in motorcycle accessories.

Juergen Swora with the first version of the skid plate, crash bars, brackets and side cases which were shaped by hammering the edges onto a street sidewalk to form the box. Photo: SW-Motech

It should be pointed out that the “SW” of SW-Motech does not mean southwest, as many customers assume. The SW actually comes from the surname of Swora.

Officially founded in 1999 in an old barn converted into a machine shop in Bracht, Germany, the company specialized in metal fabrication, and by 2000 had released the first removable media as part of a range of 25 products manufactured internally. In 2003, its portfolio expanded to soft luggage, manufactured in partnership with Bags Connection, a company that would later be merged with SW-Motech.

SW-Motech workshop

Caption: The barn converted into a machine shop in Bracht, Germany. Photo: SW-Motech

One of SW-Motech’s greatest innovations would arrive in 2005 with its QUICK-LOCK tank ring, and at that time the company also began manufacturing accessories for OEMs. Other breakthroughs include the first aluminum cases, AERO ABS cases, QUICK-LOCK accessory mounts and Legend Gear, SW-Motech now offers the full product line at SW-Motech.us.

SW-Motech tank bag

Caption: SW-Motech is known for its Quick-Lock systems for saddlebags/tank rings. Photo: SW-Motech

When it comes to outfitting bikes for the long haul, SW-Motech offers a wide range of options. Everything from soft luggage, hard cases, ergonomic enhancements, accessory mounts and protective parts are available for a wide range of motorcycle and riding needs.

Adventure Rack Top Case

Photo: SW-Motech

Hard cases are the first concern of many riders looking to increase the capabilities of an adventure bike. The PRO side carrier from SW-Motech can accommodate hard or soft cases such as the TRAX ADV or the SysBag. The bike-specific PRO Rack is a removable design featuring 2.5mm thick steel construction with an updated QUICK-LOCK attachment system. Adapter kits are available for SW-Motech housings, as well as products from other brands, making the system extremely versatile.

TRAX ADV Aluminum Side Cases are premium touring cases featuring glass-reinforced plastic corner caps for durability and a chamfered bottom edge to maximize cornering clearance. Waterproof and dustproof, seals are replaceable and cases are available in two colors. The TRAX ADV system consists of the PRO side carrier, as well as two side cases.

SysBag soft cases are available in three sizes, are lightweight, feature a removable waterproof inner bag and are made of UV resistant 1680D ballistic nylon. The SysBag 30/30 system consists of two 30 liter soft cases, a PRO side carrier, adapter plates and an adapter kit.

For even more rear storage, consider the ADVENTURE-RACK and TRAX ADV 38-litre top case from SW-Motech.

To add crash protection to your adventure bike, SW-Motech offers crash bars, top crash bars, engine guards, engine guard extensions for the front area and center stand, engine guards hands and axle guards. These are available individually or in a complete kit of many different bikes.

SW-Motech Crash Bars

Photo: SW-Motech

For ergonomics, you can equip your bike with adjustable EVO footpegs, handlebar and bar back risers, adjustable gear levers and brake pedal extensions. To facilitate navigation, SW-Motech offers options for mounting GPS and smartphone.

SW-Motech Footpegs

Photo: SW-Motech

New for 2022, SW-Motech is updating its SysBag family with new waterproof versions, three models in small, medium and large, and sporting a roll top closure and overlapping lid. Reinforced carry handles, reflective details for visibility and a 100% waterproof main compartment make these bags durable and versatile. The large bag is constructed from TPU, while the medium and small bags use TPU and EVA plastic construction.

SW-Motech Sysbag New

The new SW-Motech waterproof SysBags (coming in the fall). Photo: SW-Motech

SW-Motech prides itself on producing high quality, heavy duty, German engineered motorcycle accessories. All of these products and more are available through SW-Motech.us, with features for dozens of motorcycle brands and hundreds of models. Use the bike filter to find parts specific to your bike or browse the universal product line and see where SW-Motech can take you.

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