Sheerness’s father, 57, said he could become paralyzed if he “moves too fast”

A bicycle fanatic from Sheerness faces life-changing injuries following a motorcycle accident last month.

Adrian Packer, 57, was in a motorcycle accident on July 18 in Ashford and is currently in an intensive care unit at King’s College Hospital.

The father, who is from the Isle of Sheppey, suffered from a traumatic hernia, a broken pelvis, a broken wrist, a punctured lung and multiple fractures to his spine and neck.

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Mr. Packer is currently on a ventilator after a recent tracheostomy operation.

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Karen Packer, 50, has been married to Adrian for 26 years and the couple have been together for about 32 years in total.

She said he has been riding motorcycles “for years” and enjoys going on trips with his friends.

Adrian Packer on his motorbike

“Adrian loves motorcycles and has been riding them for years,” said the mother of four.

“He has the bike he has been using right now for about 16 years and it has been remade to make sure he can go back on it.

“He’s a hard working man and has a lot of motorcycle friends who he likes to go riding with on Sundays where they meet and ride for miles before stopping for a meal.”

Karen, who works at the people’s clinic for sick animals, believes the accident happened around 10:30 a.m. on July 18, while she was at a local shoe fair with one of her children.

However, it wasn’t until she got home that she saw the show that no one wants to see.

“I thought it was pretty warm in the house so I went to open the windows in the front room,” she said.

“I saw a policeman standing outside and he looked at me and asked if my name was Karen, to which I said yes, and he asked if he could come in.

“I let him in and he asked if Adrian was my partner and started saying the words ‘I’m so sorry’ to which I replied ‘No, don’t say that’.”

The officer told Karen that her husband was in an accident and was taken to hospital.

He was also told he had “life-changing injuries, pelvic injuries, that he could be paralyzed or lose a leg.”

After collecting all this information, she said she feared the worst.

Adrian Packer is expected to stay in intensive care for at least eight weeks

“I just got scared and wondered if he would be okay,” she said.

“I even wondered if he would still be alive by the time I go upstairs to see him.

“I’m upset to see him like this and I know he’s in a lot of pain, but I don’t show it to him, I have to be strong for my children.”

Adrian is currently on a ventilator recovering in hospital and only recently woke up from a induced coma.

Hospital staff told Karen her husband will remain in intensive care for at least eight more weeks.

Of particular concern are Adrian’s back injuries, with staff keen to let them heal naturally, warning that if he moves he could become paralyzed.

“The kids and I are her only immediate family,” added Karen.

“Both of her parents are deceased and her brother is in Australia, so I have to relay everything to him via Facebook.

“It’s hard to deal with this as a single parent because it feels like one step forward and two steps back, but I’m just on autopilot for now.”

Karen has set up a GoFundMe campaign while her husband recovers in hospital, and she has already raised £ 1,000 in donations.

Speaking on what she hopes will come from the funds raised, she added: “It will help me to go see him, we have to be there.

“The nurses told me he could get very agitated and needed to calm down, and they noticed that I was calming him down.

“If I can’t get up there, he’ll be like this all the time.”

“The funds will also help finance any additional physiotherapy treatment he may need in the future.”

You can visit the Gofundme page via this link.

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