Scott Redding revives the discussion: “Why is there no minimum weight limit for cyclists?”

Álvaro Bautista leads the Superbike World Championship by a big margin with two rounds to go, and he could be champion for the first time. Although there is no doubt about his merit, he still serves as an example for Scott Redding when it comes to rider weight – the Ducati rider is one of the lightest on the board, which could be an advantage.

Quoted on, the Briton said bluntly that the championship leader had an advantage due to his build: ‘I think Bautista can win the title because he has a big advantage, especially on the straights. Also because Ducati is fast and weighs around 53 kg, which is not very fair. This gives him an advantage over the others. It can extract two-tenths down the straight and overtake no matter what time you brake‘.

On social media, Redding again questioned the lack of minimum weight for cyclists: “Why is there no minimum weight limit for the cyclist? I can talk about this topic because I am not a championship contender this year, those who are won’t talk about it because they are criticized by fans and social media ‘pundits’.‘.

The BMW rider sees two ways to benefit lighter riders: ‘The obvious advantage that an extremely smaller runner will gain on a straight, usually 0.2-0.4s, may seem like little to many of you. But when ten runners are covered by one second, that 0.2s on a straight line is a nice safety net. In addition to the speed gain, a lighter rider will not consume as much rubber from the tire as a heavier rider. Therefore, at the end of the race, which is the most critical, the lighter riders are likely to have more grip compared to their competitors, which means more chances of winning.‘.

In this context, Redding argued, quoted by, that a minimum rider weight should be added to the minimum bike weight: ‘There is already a minimum weight limit for the bike. I don’t want racers to be like me because they need a truck behind, just balance. I just think it should be as fair as possible for all runners‘.

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