Sanitation worker filmed kicking and running over girlfriend with motorbike in Kemang

Jakarta police have arrested a sanitation worker who was filmed assaulting his girlfriend in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The footage, taken by a passerby inside a car, shows the suspect, identified by his initial Z, in a confrontation with his girlfriend, E, who is also a garbage collector.

Standing on top of E who was sitting on the side of the road, Z first kicked him before pulling his hair. He then got on his motorbike and ran her over with it.

The video was reportedly taken in the upscale neighborhood on Monday.

E suffered no physical injuries, police said, but she will receive psychological counseling to help her deal with her trauma. At one point, she agreed not to press charges against Z because she still loved him, saying the assault was the result of jealousy and a misunderstanding.

Nonetheless, police today said they arrested Z on the charge of assault, which carries a maximum sentence of five years under the Criminal Code (KUHP).

Online, there is a discussion about whether the individual who filmed the attack should have intervened. Some have castigated the lack of intervention, while others say obtaining video evidence and spreading it virally is the best way to get authorities to act.

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