Remember when Paris Hilton sponsored a motorcycle racing team?

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It’s 2011, and you look at your favorite motorcycle racing news website to find something odd: Paris Hilton is sponsoring a 125cc Grand Prix motorcycle team, which was the equivalent of what we let’s call Moto3 today. It’s true. This reminds you that notorious socialite Paris Hilton carved her place in motorsport history with the SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton team.

The Hilton team was actually quite impressive. Its riders included Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales, who won the Moto3 championship in 2013, finished third in Moto2 in 2014 and moved up to MotoGP proper the following year.

That year, Hilton essentially staged a takeover of what was previously known as the Blusens Avintia team, which previously had many different names and is currently known as Esponsorama Racing.

Here’s a bit more about the partnership, from Motorist:

Wondering how the unlikely pairing of Hilton and BQR came about? Well, BQR company spokesperson Joan Xufre said Hilton was approached by Riccard Garriga, a team partner, and Nano Barea, the founder of SuperMartxé to gauge her interest in lending her image to the company. proposed team. “The prospect of being involved really excited her to the point that she became one of the owners of the team, in addition to lending her image,” Xufre said. She posted a tweet on her official Twitter page shortly after saying, “This is going to be fun!” and a previous Tweet read, “I love motorcycles.”

According to Xufre, Hilton was forced to report to ffive races during the 18-race season as part of the deal, and she seemed to be doing it with enthusiasm. That year, Hilton really embraced her role as a MotoGP figurehead. When Marco Simoncelli was killed, Hilton showed up in Valencia with a jacket bearing Simoncelli’s number in his honor. Additionally, she presented her family with an oil painting by artist Angel Uranga that showed Simoncelli leaning deeply into a corner. She was also available to celebrate many of Viñales’ victories.

The team did quite well that year, thanks in large part to Viñales, who finished third in the championship thanks to his four wins and five other podiums and also won Rookie of the Year. Meanwhile, his teammate Gadea finished ninth.

Unfortunately, Hilton breached its contractual obligations (which likely meant she didn’t show up for all of her mandatory race appearances), and the team attempted to sue her. As you can imagine the Hilton sponsorship disappeared and the team reverted to being the Blusens Avintia team again for 2012.

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