Police pledge to tackle motorcycle nuisance in Southampton

SOUTHAMPTON Police are committed to doing everything possible to tackle the problem of motorcycle nuisance in the city.

Officers spoke after touring the Weston area and made a series of arrests for various offenses.

Writing on social media, Southampton Cops posted: “We know that motorcycle nuisance is a big problem for the communities we serve, especially in the east of the city.

“In response to this, we asked the Proactive Road Enforcement Unit to visit Weston yesterday.

“First of all, they followed a stolen motorcycle. The driver abandoned her, fleeing from the police, but the 15-year-old rider was unable to escape and was located, arrested and later found in possession of four bags of drugs.

“His house was searched and stolen bank cards were found. The motorcycle was found and the investigation was passed on to our maintenance teams.

“That same evening, an uninsured driver who had tampered with his license plate with black tape was arrested. Their motorbike has been seized and it is being returned to court.

“Finally, the team also arrested (and arrested) a drug driver who had neither insurance nor a driver’s license.

“We will continue to do what we can to tackle the motorcycle nuisance here, east of Southampton, just as other neighborhood teams are tackling the problem in other areas of the neighborhood.

“So please keep reporting motorcycle nuisance to us – we may not be able to be there immediately as violent crime will take precedence but we take this seriously.”

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