People love this sassy letter about a noisy neighbor from hell

There is nothing worse than loud neighbors, and experiencing their racketeering every day can anger even the healthiest of us.

For example, an individual who completely lost it after being woken up every day by his neighbor’s motorcycle.

And, honestly, we don’t blame them …

Finally, a Karen we can support (Credit: NBC)

Sharing the letter on the chat room after receiving it, Reddit user @soundbwoyy wrote: “A letter I received this morning”

He said, “Dear neighbor, A few months ago I wrote to you about the neighbor motorcyclist who owned a non-silent motorbike and who went to work every morning around 5:34 am – waking up several neighbors in the neighborhood each time. faultless day.

“The simple solution was for this neighbor to reinstall the silencer and lower the decibel level.

“I wrote to the neighbor and the 50 surrounding apartments and houses… asking this biker to put his muffler back on and advising all neighbors of the situation.

“I gave him 30 days to do so or I would contact the authorities then – the police, the council and the DVLA.

The letter was mailed to all neighbors (Credit: Reddit)
The letter was mailed to all neighbors (Credit: Reddit)

“His reaction? In response, he bought a much bigger, noisier motorcycle. The previous one was 125cc. The new bike is 600cc. So it’s even louder than before and it’s waking up more people.”

Wow. The bike rider really looks like the neighbor from hell.

“It’s pretty amazing to think of what’s going on in the minds of people like that? I can’t figure it out,” the unleashed letter continued.

“To me, he’s a man who overcompensated for what little he has in the pants department – a pathetic, self-centered little man who doesn’t care about his neighbors and hasn’t grown up.

He continued: “Now, as far as the authorities are concerned, I have had very little success. It seems that there are laws against removing bicycle mufflers, but they are quite unenforced and it is difficult to prosecute. people in court or to prove it (as they just need to reinstall the silencer if they have to have the bike checked by a garage).

“Indeed, there is now a tendency among bikers to remove the mufflers from their bikes to increase the volume of their” pipes “as they call them.

The neighbor complained about the noise of the motorcycle (Photo credit: Shutterstock)
The neighbor complained about the noise of the motorcycle (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

“This is what led to an epidemic of noise pollution from all the bikers who think they are Dennis Hopper from Easy rider when really everyone looks at them in disgust and ridicule as they pass by their noisy bikes.

“Unfortunately, these bikers know they can just get away with it.

“So my quest is over without a positive resolution. “

The writer of the letter went on to tell their neighbors that they are now throwing the blame back on them.

“I want to pass the baton to you,” they wrote. “I’m not a vigilante, so if any of you have any ideas on how to get this jerk to change his ways, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

“If no one takes action, he will continue to wake you all up for years to come… you have been warned. Sincerely, a neighbor.

The Karen energy that emanates from this letter brings us to life.

The letter was mailed to all neighbors (Photo credit: Shutterstock)
The letter was mailed to all neighbors (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

In response to the message, people had a parcel of thoughts and feelings.

“Fucking noisy and inconsiderate neighbors, anyone who has had to live with disturbed sleep every day knows this is torture,” one said.

While another wrote, “Yeah, I could have written it in a less” busy-neighbor-body-trying-to-push-unruly-neighbors-out-of-church “way, but I totally agree – f * ck anyone who deliberately makes noise when others are asleep “.

A third had a hilarious idea when he wrote, “I have a neighbor like this. I moved to the streets last year. Guy is a living noise machine.

“What I started doing was sticking personalized stickers on his bike which are a nightmare to remove. I’ve done this a few times now without being spotted.” We have no choice but to stand.

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