Participants participate in Race Montana Triathlon

GREAT FALLS – Not everyone sleeps on the weekends. More than 100 people woke up early to run, bike and swim in the annual Race Montana Triathlon. Sunday morning was early for about 100 runners, all competing in this year’s Race Montana Triathlon.

There are several races for all ages, as well as various reasons to run. But the main idea is to get out and exercise, regardless of ability.

“It’s more about a sense of accomplishment than competition and victory. We just want to focus on getting out there and having fun,” Treasurer Wendy Weissman said.

“We run five races ourselves, and then we support others in Montana, we try to encourage people to get out and exercise.”

Race Montana is a non-profit organization that has been running this race for sixteen years. It wasn’t the biggest race this year, but there was still a lot of support for the event and its athletes.

“We give back to the community and to other races or other organizations. We help. We helped with the lighting project at Gibson Park. Sometimes we buy new things with that money and then we donate the stays with the community.”

Some have been running and doing triathlons for years.

Some are much newer, but still provide a fun experience, including Douglas Cofield, who ran his first triathlon this weekend. He ran and cycled for years and felt good about completing a triathlon, despite some challenges along the way.

“It wasn’t too bad. I did the sprint race, not the Olympic race as a starter. The swimming was tough. Just because I didn’t swim long, only about two months. The bike was good. The hill at the very end of the six miles was beastly. I’ve been running a long time so I can run just about anything. Definitely recommend it.

Montana Race will also have several more races later in the year and want as many people as possible to participate regardless of ability.


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