Officers dragged motorcyclist under sergeant’s car, court heard

“I could tell something was wrong when I heard him speak,” he said during cross-examination of defense attorney James Glissan, QC, on Monday. “I just remember that I had to go to my police vehicle.”

He said that when he arrived, Sergeant Kelly signaled to block the road. Senior Constable Zajac said she tried to pull the body out from under the car herself before yelling at her partner to help.

“She yelled words similar to ‘get the f—here’ or something similar to that extent,” Senior Constable Rio-Pigeonneau said during an interrogation of Crown Attorney Craig Everson, SC.

“I started running.”

He said part of the pilot’s body was “underneath the vehicle, Tuggerah Lakes 14”. A car jack had been used and Mr Roberts’ legs were not pinned, he said.


“We had to drag him outside,” said Senior Constable Rio-Pigeonneau. “We couldn’t really assess him… in the position he was in [in].”

Senior Constable Zajac said they discussed ‘whether or not we should remove the body’ as it was ‘underneath the vehicle, half in, half out’ and she made the decision to do so before to overthrow Mr. Roberts.

“There was no blood,” she said.

“I could see he wasn’t responding to my voice. Obviously, we touched it too. He wasn’t reacting, I guess you could say, to the pain he was feeling. “

Senior Constable Rio-Pigeonneau said they kept the helmet on and performed rotational compressions for “45 to 50 odd minutes”, during which time other officers and paramedics arrived.

“I vividly remember taking hold of his [Mr Roberts’] head to start,” he said, noting that he was aware of spinal injuries when he witnessed motorcycle incidents.

The two officers checked on their supervisor and offered him some water. They said he appeared “in shock”.

“I honestly didn’t know what to say or do, I even said that to Sergeant Kelly at the time,” Senior Officer Rio-Pigeonneau said, noting that the senior officer “remained pretty quiet.” and seemed “stressed… through the silence that was present”.

“He would ask me how it was going, I would update him on what we were doing,” said Senior Constable Zajac. “He said he was not well. He didn’t say much.

In a statement later that day, Senior Constable Zajac said Sergeant Kelly told him the driver was “on the wrong side of the road” and when he turned a bend, “he went out of nowhere and I hit him”. .

She said the sergeant said, “At first I didn’t know he was under the car.

Senior Constable Rio-Pigeonneau said that during a search of Mr. Roberts’ clothing and a backpack at the scene for identification, they found a wallet, a knife, several resealable plastic bags containing a crystal-like substance and a broken pipe, “usually [used for] ice sniffing.

A pathologist is expected to tell the trial that Mr Roberts died of traumatic asphyxia, due to the weight of the police car on him. During an autopsy, it was discovered that he had methylamphetamine and Viagra in his system.

The trial continues.

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