“Not everyone is looking for more speed; Wings cause boring races’ – Pit Beirer

After being ‘against’ some of the innovations of MotoGP, Pit Beirer spoke specifically about one of the latest developments in motorcycles and who he believes are the protagonists of the ‘unpleasantness’ of racing, and explained how these can even be a danger for riders, given its fragility.

The German explained to Speedweek that there is even a lot of agreement between the main protagonists of the category, the drivers: “Going from wake to wing turbulence is extremely dangerous. And that is why there is a great understanding among racers that fenders sometimes cause very boring races and very dangerous overtaking maneuvers. As a result, a dissatisfaction with the wings grows. The fact that they break in the event of a collision or a fall, leaving pieces of carbon on the road, is considered to be another safety problem”.

Then, the team’s sporting director Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira assured that at this stage not all manufacturers are looking for more speed: “With all this development, boring races occur and a higher top speed appears, which we are not all looking for already, because we do not need to be at 365 km / h. No factory wants to invest a lot of money to experience boring races at the end of the day”.

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