New Lightweight Motorcycle Dash Camera from Star Pickers


Today there is a new Star Pickers gadget on the record. It’s the equivalent of a dash cam for motorcycles – and the brand hopes it will create a safer riding environment for bikers around the world.

“Rider Log is a sensor-based mobility control system”, KoreaItTimes report states.

“It checks driving records based on sensors that allow it to track and record details of small vehicles that were not possible via GPS or security cameras.”

CEO Park Chu Jin is excited to bring his new gadget to the motorcycle masses – he is targeting bikers globally and will showcase the unit at CES 2022 in Las Vegas for the exhibition.

“Rider Log analyzes the speed, location, impact of the accident and driving habits to detect damage, illegal activity and accidents” he says.

“It also has an e-Call system where the AI ​​detects accidents in real time and calls 119 and sends a distress alert to predefined numbers.”

A screen view of Star Pickers' new lightweight and compact dash camera

The light unit will also be able to collect data from various mobility vehicles. Why is it so cool? Check Your Auto Insurance – Star Pickers wants to give hooligans new technology that also has the ability to easily lock in at lower insurance rates.

Sign me up.

A silhouette of a motorcyclist enjoying the sunset

“With this technology, it will lower insurance rates for insurance companies. With increasing confidence in crash data based on motorcycle dashcams, insurance rates are expected to be reduced by 50%.

As for the future goals of the company, they hope that all two-wheelers will use their gadget – as soon as it is approved by the insurance companies, that is.

“We dream of being the total mobility safety management solution by applying our technology to small mobility vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs and autonomous driving so that drivers and pedestrians can all be safe. “ said Parc.

Stay tuned for more updates on this nifty gadget, learn about other motorcycle tech currently on the market, and as always, stay safe on the corners.


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