Motorcyclist crashes at extreme speed during introduction of new laws

The wife of a man involved in a horrific life-changing motorcycle accident has allowed police to post footage of the crash in an attempt to warn motorists of the dangers of extreme speeds.

Harsh new laws have been introduced in the South Australian parliament aimed at increasing prison terms and licensing bans for hoon drivers.

Motorists convicted of driving at extreme speeds could be jailed for up to three years and face a mandatory minimum license disqualification of two years for a first offense – and five years for a subsequent offense.

To go with parliamentary pressure, SA police have shared footage of a motorcycle crash that left a South Australian man with permanent brain injury.

The cyclist dodged and squeezed between vehicles on a main road, sometimes reaching speeds of 260 km / h.

He was traveling 150 km / h before withdrawing from behind a vehicle, but did not notice that another vehicle in front of him had slowed significantly.

The rider plowed the back of the ditch at around 140 km / h, with onboard camera footage showing the heartbreaking moment as he and the camera were tossed into the air.

“The driver in this video crashed into a stationary vehicle while traveling at extreme speed,” police wrote in the video.

“He only survived thanks to the people present at the scene who saved his life, the people he had endangered with his dangerous constituency.

The video also explained that witnesses were to call the ambulance and take instructions over the phone on how to resuscitate the man.

The man has been in a coma for two months and will need full-time care for the rest of his life.

“His decision to drive at extreme speed didn’t just impact him,” police wrote.

“It impacted the lives of those strangers who kept him alive on the road and changed the lives of his family forever.”

The new laws introduced in parliament would also give the police the ability to strip offenders on the spot at the extreme speed of their license.

Extreme speed is defined as 55 km / h or more over the limit in an area marked 60 or less or 80 km / h or more above the limit in an area marked above 60.

The maximum penalty could be increased to five years imprisonment with a mandatory minimum license ban of five years if:

• The offense was committed while attempting to escape police pursuit

• The offense caused death or serious harm

• The vehicle being driven has been stolen

• The offender was driving while disqualified

• The offender held a provisional or probationary permit, a learner’s permit

• The offender was under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The car of an offender can also be confiscated for the benefit of the state.

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