Motorcycle stolen from a volunteer blood delivery boy


A “BLOODRUNNER” was devastated after his “lifeline” motorcycle that enabled him to do vital volunteer work was stolen from his shed.

Ray Winnett, 56, was forced to stop delivering blood to hospitals in Essex after the £ 8,000 bike was stolen.

The victim’s home on Long Road in Canvey was targeted by crooks last Monday who broke into his garage.

Ray has volunteered for the Essex Voluntary Blood Services since he was laid off last year.

He said, “It’s devastating when you come out of your shed and find it broken and the bike is gone.

“It’s very upsetting and then you find that you can’t do the one thing that gets you out of the house.

“A big part of the blood runner’s role is helping others. You never know if you’ve saved a life.

After being laid off and suffering from an illness, Ray leaned on his bike to relax and work.

He added: “Last year after being fired I had to do something, so I joined Essex Voluntary Blood Services.

“After not doing so well and losing my job, my bike was a lifeline for me to get out and relax.

“The bicycle has been a lifeline for me and for the people I shed blood for.”

The altruistic volunteer now had to fork out money from his pocket to replace the bike so he could opt out of volunteering until the insurance was paid off.

Ray said, “I replaced this bike out of my pocket and that money is not coming back.

“The money I spent on my bike was the money I use to support my family.

“I can’t afford a bike as good as the one I lost.

“It’s just a big disturbance.”

Ray is now afraid of being targeted again.

“It has been my family home since 1973 and we have never been a victim of crime before. I’m sure the lack of street lighting has something to do with it.

“I have more padlocks on my locks and an alarm on my shed.

“I’m afraid I will be targeted again. It’s just a shame that we have to take all these precautions.

“They don’t realize the loss for the individual. It is not a victimless crime.


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