Motorcycle policeman helps mom make son pass “Nanwai” exam on time

China’s wishes for a ‘harmonious society’ often come out in surprising ways, as a lady in Nanjing recently discovered after a policeman on a motorbike put her on the back of his bike and drove through the city at full speed so that his son can attend an important exam.

It was on Saturday January 15 that the lady’s son was due to take an entrance exam to the Nanjing School of Foreign Languages, also known by its Chinese abbreviation “Nanwai”, at its Dong Lu campus in Beijing.

Only the young man could not enter the examination room because he forgot his identity card and left it at home.

It was 7:37 a.m. The boy’s mother realized that with rush hour traffic there was simply no way she could get home for the ID and be back in time.

Then the unnamed lady spotted the policeman on a motorbike and, realizing there was no other hope, approached him for help.

The officer, a man of few words, simply got off his bike, opened the pannier and pulled out the spare helmet the bikers carry inside.

The lady then put on the helmet and jumped on the back of the bike, while the officer prepared to leave.

Captured by the officer’s body camera, the whole heartwarming encounter was published by the Yangtze Evening News and can be viewed via this link.

Along the way, the well-trained cop uses his motorcycle skills to weave through traffic, while signaling several motorists to move on.

Getting to the mother’s home and back, this time with the ID, took just 11 minutes from the time she first approached the officer.

The pursed-lipped cop who saved the day and potentially the young boy’s future had only two words to say, as the lady rushed to the school gate to hand over her ID card. son, offering him many thanks.

“It’s nothing.”

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