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Featured in the March 2021 issue of Roadracing World:

MotoGP is currently going through a particular period, with the main factories being banned from upgrading engines for 2021, in order to alleviate the financial pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic. This will make it harder for Suzuki’s rivals to close the gap on the GSX-RR, which has the most tire-friendly engine on the grid.

But engineers from Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, KTM and Yamaha have many other ways to make their motorcycles more competitive.

Ducati and Honda engineers need to get their V4s to use more cornering speed to run with Michelin’s latest rear slick, which encourages smoother cornering curves, as used by the Inline Four Suzuki and Yamaha. Yamaha engineers need to make the YZR-M1 rest less on the front tire, KTM engineers need to make the RC16 V4 more consistent from track to track, and Aprilia engineers need to continue developing the latest RS- GP, that was everything. – again last season. Meanwhile, Suzuki engineers just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing with the GSX-RR…

—Battle of Engineers 2021: Who Can Beat Suzuki? by Mat Oxley, MotoGP editor-in-chief.

Engineers from Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, KTM and Yamaha are working hard to build motorcycles that can beat Suzuki’s GSX-RR, the best all-around on the 2020 grid. MotoGP editor-in-chief Mat Oxley examines what each team must do to reach the top of the category in 2021 in the last issue of The world of road racing!

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