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Featured in the April 2022 issue of Roadracing World:

MotoGP Editor-in-Chief Mat Oxley gets to grips with the machines from each of the manufacturers competing in the MotoGP World Championship. From aerodynamics to ergonomics, electronics to hydraulics (as in lowering devices), Oxley details the differences in each, laying out each factory’s road to what it hopes will be world domination. !

MotoGP analysis: Tech wars never stop, by Mat Oxley


The VERSATILE of MotoGP? This could be the year RS-GP fights for race wins.

Romano Albesiano, Technical Director of Aprilia: “The bike is good on flowing circuits where the average speed is quite high, like Silverstone, because we have good aerodynamic characteristics, which helps us…”

Will eight Ducatis mean domination? Incredibly, Ducatis fills a third of the 2022 grid!

Gigi Dall’Igna, Managing Director of Ducati Corse: “Having eight bikes on the grid is also important from a technical point of view, because we can collect more data. And that’s important for our new riders because we can launch these new talents with our bike.

Davide Barana, Ducati Corse Technical Director: “Our bike is the result of the work we have been doing since 2015, when we completely changed the bike, every part. Now it’s no longer the red beast of yesteryear that’s impossible to fly, unless you have a very special pilot…”

Will the brand new RC213V be a bike for everyone? All new for 2022

Takeo Yokoyama, HRC Technical Director: “This year’s bike is a big overhaul because when you win it’s harder to make a drastic change and when you lose it’s easier to make a drastic change…”

Time to come back: KTM had a bad 2021 and needs to bounce back in 2022

Sebastian Risse, KTM MotoGP project manager: “You have to reinvent yourself a bit, so the results went down, then you start getting better results again, the bike goes up step by step and you move forward…”

The best MotoGP manager. But the GSX-RR needs more than that to regain the crown.

Frankie Carchedi, Joan Mir’s Crew Chief: “In qualifying, you really have to use the rear tire and finish in two or three laps. Our problem is that when we use the tire more aggressively, we do exactly the same lap time, so we don’t exploit the extra grip. But the signs are positive…”

Champs under pressure: Yamaha won the 2021 World Championship but struggled in pre-season testing.

Diego Gubellini, Fabio Quartararo’s Crew Chief: “Now in MotoGP, you mainly have to work on the electronics and the tires and especially the tires because they are the link between the rider and the asphalt…”

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