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Featured in the July 2022 issue of Roadracing World:

In the summer of 1966, Sports Illustrated magazine sent journalist Bob Ottum to hang out with Giacomo Agostini, multiple-time world motorcycle champion, part-time movie star, and full-time Italian Stallion idol. At the end of his visit, Ottum assumed Ago’s work thus: “Running, skidding and crashing, then making love and drinking wine.”

All those decades ago, top motorcycle racers usually didn’t have steady girlfriends. They lived and behaved on the brink of death, celebrating survival every Sunday by drinking and chasing women, or “having fun,” as 1967 125cc World Champion Bill Ivy put it.

More than half a century later, MotoGP is a cold, hard science…

—The Eternal Rivals, by Mat Oxley

New MotoGP stars Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martinwho changes girlfriends every week (some things never change)have been racing for 10 years, from Red Bull Rookies to MotoGP. So who will be the first to win the biggest prize of all? Mat Oxley sits down with the two to catch up on the latest in a years-long rivalry in the July issue of Road racing world!

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