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More power, more revs for Moto2™ as Triumph continues to develop the 765cc triple

Triumph CPO Steve Sargent is joined on stage by Dorna Managing Director Carlos Ezpeleta to discuss the future at Silverstone

Thursday 04 August 2022

On the eve of the Monster Energy British Grand Prix, Triumph announced a series of developments to the 765cc Moto2™ triple engine, derived from the production Street Triple RS, to increase revs, power and performance, as Steve Sargent , Chief Product Officer of Triumph, was joined. on stage during a special press conference by Dorna’s general manager, Carlos Ezpeleta.

Since the start of the Triumph three-engine era in 2019, the 765cc engine has redefined the category with 68 new lap and absolute records, 20 different winners and the first-ever top speed of over 300km/h.

The features of the triple Triumph have won widespread praise for bridging the gap with the MotoGP™ class in terms of performance and required riding style, becoming more relevant in the series’ role as a feeder class.

Already marking a significant step up in power when the 765cc engine was announced as powering Moto2™ from early 2019, this latest round of development from Triumph will give riders even more after four seasons of optimizing the entire engine. current engine performance. , electronics and tires.

The latest developments further improve the top end of the engine, increasing the compression ratio with a new cylinder head, longer valves to increase lift as well as a new camshaft profile and revised valve springs.

To maintain the engine’s impressive reliability record, having already covered almost a million kilometers in Moto2™ competition, further improvements focus on the pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft to cope with piston pressure higher by 90 BAR (instead of 85 BAR).

Triumph Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent (left) with Dorna Managing Director Carlos Ezpeleta (right) during a press conference at Silverstone on Thursday. Photo courtesy of Dorna.

Steve Sargent, Product Manager at Triumph: “We are incredibly proud of how our 765cc triple engine has redefined the Moto2™ class, making it faster, more competitive and with better sound. To have achieved so many lap records and a top speed equivalent to more of 100km/h per cylinder is something we’ve been very happy with since Triumph started to power the category from the 2019 season. When there’s such a fundamental change in a category, everyone jumps into a learning journey – the riders and teams to adapt to the characteristics of the triple and optimize the engine, electronics and tire package, and us as Triumph in terms of performance potential and reliability. a million miles competing with the current Moto2™ 765cc engine and that gives us enormous confidence as we take this next step to give riders what they all want :p more revs and more power. We can’t wait to see even more lap records fall as lap times get faster, and how more power gives riders more freedom to create overtaking opportunities and we’re excited to start the next chapter of Moto2™ powered by Triumph.

Carlos Ezpeleta, General Manager of Dorna Sports: “Since the start of the Triumph era in Moto2™ we have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the Triumph 765cc triple and the lap records speak for themselves. It is important that Moto2™ is a spectacle in its own right and that it provides a relevant platform to develop the next generation of MotoGP riders and this new announcement of more engine power goes one step further in achieving both of these goals.We are very pleased with the work Triumph has done. to propel Moto2™ and see how they are constantly evaluating and improving.

The Triumph Moto2™ 765cc racing engine is a development of the class-leading 765cc Street Triple RS road bike and produces over 140hp and the same visceral soundtrack. The top-of-the-range Street Triple RS variant is as perfectly suited to the track as it is to the road.

The Triumph Triple Trophy, which continues to run alongside the Moto2™ World Championship, has a new metric for 2022, awarding points for the best race progression from start position to finish. It’s already highlighted standout performances, like Jeremy Alcoba climbing 20 places at the Portuguese Grand Prix and Joe Roberts climbing 17 places at Le Mans, and these latest engine upgrades aim to provide more overtaking opportunities.

For 2022, the Triumph Triple Trophy points structure has been revised as follows:

7 points – Best progress of the race from start to finish: 7 points for the rider(s) occupying the most positions from the start of the race to the checkered flag

6 points – Pole position: 6 points for the rider qualified on pole

5 points – Best lap in the race: 5 points for the fastest rider(s) in case of equal fastest lap

The winner – the rider with the most points throughout the season – will receive a custom Triumph Street Triple RS motorcycle, powered by the 765cc triple engine from which the Moto2™ engine is derived.

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