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The Mutual of Gumtols Housing

The Mutual of Gumtols Housing

Gumtols Mutual Housing Company was founded in 1981. Governed by the Mutuality Code, the insurance company Gumtols specializes in the protection of borrowers in the housing sector.

But also against the risks of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, incapacity for work, disability and loss of employment.

Gumtols individual loan insurance

As an alternative to the group insurance contract offered by banking institutions when applying for a mortgage loan, Gumtols offers an individual loan insurance policy that accompanies each insured person with a personalized cover.

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Gumtols offers borrower benefits packages named Sutlas and Sumprit, social loan hedges, Pass Foncier hedges and a new guarantee for seniors (from 66 to 75 years old).

Gumtols, label of excellence 2013

In October 2012, for the second consecutive year, the Sutlas borrower’s pension solution was awarded the “Dossiers de l’épargne” seal of excellence. This hedging formula was launched in January 2011 and today offers a new guarantee dedicated to the creation of a company.

Cogilaw Company: insurance delegation

Cogilaw Company: insurance delegation

Since September 1, 2010, you are free to take out loan insurance other than that offered by the lending institution. Banks are required to accept a delegation of insurance (outsourced contract) when the guarantees are at least equivalent to those of the group contract it offers to the borrower. This device is advantageous for borrowers because it offers them the opportunity to compete with insurers to choose the cheapest contract and best suited to their individual situation.

Benefit from an individual insurance negotiated by the broker!

the expert broker in loan insurance negotiation is able to obtain for you a tailor-made cover at a very attractive price, which it would be difficult to negotiate by demarcating alone (e). With more than ten years of experience in the negotiation of financial offers and strong privileged partnerships with the largest insurance companies, the specialists of the brokerage can allow you to benefit from the cheapest loan insurance on the market that will best meet your individual borrower needs!

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