Launch of a technology to fight against motorcycle theft

By Hellen Nachilongo

Dar es Salaam. A new innovation system called Finger Print Motorcycle System (FPMS) to prevent motorcycle theft has officially been introduced.

The system, installed on the dashboard of the motorcycle, works like a key that can turn the motorcycle on and off.

The only difference with normal keys is that the FPMS only recognizes the fingerprints of two different people riding the motorcycle.

Ms. Eliza Semuwowo, a student at Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial University, proposed the innovation. She told The Citizen at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) at the Sabasaba grounds that she came up with the idea to help improve motorcycle safety and reduce instances of theft. involving transport facilities.

“The idea is to help motorcycle owners and operators prevent reported thefts involving their motorcycles. Most operators and owners buy motorcycles for business only to fall into the hands of the thugs who cut their dreams short “, she said.

Ms. Semuwowo said Temeke district topped the motorbike theft cases in Dar es Salaaam city despite a National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) report showing the problem declining.


According to BNS data, the motorcycle theft trend shows a 14% drop in thefts from 5,633 in 2016 to 4,823 in 2020.

“I conducted a case study to understand the business opportunities and challenges in Temeke district. In my findings, bodaboda has been identified as a reliable means of transport for the population and is helpful in addressing the challenge of youth unemployment,” she said.

According to her, once the FPMS is installed on the motorcycle, it automatically turns off whenever it is stolen or taken by someone whose fingerprints have not been programmed into it.

A bodaboda taxi operator, Mr. Richard Mfinanga hailed the technology saying that the FPMS will improve safety and reduce instances of motorbike theft.

“It will boost passenger transport business and increase the durability of motorcycles,” said Mr. Mfinanga, a resident of Temeke district.

Mr Mfinanga said he was a victim of motorbike theft after one of his two motorbikes was stolen, seriously injuring a person who was using it for transport activities.

He urged the government to support startups to come up with technological innovations that will create jobs and address several challenges facing the country and hence boost the country’s economy.

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