KTM RC390 GP Edition Vs TVS Apache RR 310 BTO compared in six photos

The KTM RC390 and TVS Apache RR 310 are motorcycles designed to handle the race track and also serve the streets. KTM recently introduced the RC390 in a “GP Edition” that sports its satellite team orange and black colorways. On the other hand, we have the TVS Apache RR 310 BTO (Built To Order), the bikemaker’s sportiest Apache with a racing livery and top-of-the-line hardware. So here’s a quick look at the bike that looks like a trail racer.


KTM’s new design philosophy for the RC motorcycle line was inspired by its MotoGP RC16 bike. While the appeal of the design divided the room, its functionality on the track unlocked even more supersport potential.

The Apache RR 310 BTO, on the other hand, looks identical to the standard RR 310 but gets a sportier livery to set it apart. That said, although the design has been around for a while now, the Apache is a fine looking machine.

This livery finally incorporates the visual elements that we believe would give the RC390 a striking appeal. A prime example is the smoked windshield and blacked-out frame and exhaust.

The Apache goes for a starker red and white racing theme with hints of blue to help the bold Apache moniker stand out even more. If the two bikes are parked next to each other, despite the bright orange, the RC390 would be considered more subtle.

Compared to the stock paint scheme, decals from RC’s GP racing sponsors like Akrapovic, WP, Motorex and others enhance its racing pedigree.

TVS has ensured that the Apache is a mobile billboard showcasing its illustrious racing heritage. There is also a generous spread of “TVS racing” and “race-spec” decals throughout the bike.

Honestly speaking, both bikes look like a race bike: loud and ostentatious. Ironically, if you want something subtle, the KTM would be our suggestion. But if you prefer a sporty, local trail bike, check out the Apache in BTO form.

With the updated RC390 earning more points for now being a well-balanced bike, the sport-touring champion – the Apache RR 310 – is feeling the heat. To see which is the best all-around supersport, Check out this full comparison review of the two bikes.

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