Kawasaki video reveals new hybrid motorcycle technology


Kawasaki has just released a super interesting teaser video on the company’s future plans to develop the new hybrid motorcycle system.

Kawasaki has just released a super interesting teaser video. This video discusses the company’s future plans and its ability to develop new technologies like the new hybrid motorcycle system.

According to the video, the Japanese brand is developing a new hybrid system for motorcycles that will redefine the future of motorcycles. In the video, there is a hybrid-electric motorcycle spinning on the dynamometer that sounds different when the electric motor shifts into high gear.

The video also featured a map where the rider first uses the gasoline engine for highway use and then switches to electric once the bike enters town. As the motorcycle leaves town and enters bends, the system activates the hybrid function where the gasoline engine and electric motor work together to produce maximum power.

Kawasaki plans to use artificial intelligence for all of its future products. So it will be interesting to see the final products that we think will still be in a few years.

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