“Jorge Martin’s work in this race has been fantastic; it was the driver who made the difference” – Johann Zarco

Johann Zarco hasn’t had the best of racing in Argentina, after having an accident which forced him to cut short his performance. However, it wasn’t all bad for his team as Jorge Mart’n was at a ‘fantastic’ level, as the Frenchman put it.

During a debriefing, the Pramac n°5 praised his teammate and revealed what was his main mistake on top of his Ducati:

– I ended up going in with a bit more strength and speed. That’s what made me lose the front. I wasn’t forcing the front end, but the fact that I wanted to take a tighter line, the bike ended up not holding up. Jorge has been “going well” for a while and is heading in the right direction. It’s my weak point, I find it difficult to really insist on this front tire, but when it works, Ducati accepts it. Jorge rode a fantastic race, because we Ducati weren’t ready to win and he almost did. It was really the driver who made the difference. Jorge Martíi’s work in this race has been fantastic. It’s a positive thing to see, but I didn’t have that extra push he had in qualifying, and that’s why I lost time. I hope to do a better race in Texas, on a tough track, because I know it’s usually tough in Austin, so it would be nice to try to come back well on a track that is tough for me.

Zarco believes his work will pay off in the future, as happened with Aleix Espargaro: “When things don’t work out I get mad and have to keep my head down, but I keep attacking because I think hard work can pay off. alexander [Espargaro] rode a fantastic race and ended up winning, so it generates a positive mindset that sooner or later hard work can pay off.”

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