‘It’s not just for the boys’ – teenage Daventry motorbike racer pursues her dream of pole position on the track

Daventry teenager Chloe Jones remembers her first taste of motorcycle racing.

Her father took her to a race when she was ten. Now 18, she has never looked back.

Chloe said this journal“I liked everything; the paddock, the people and of course the bikes.

“I loved the noise they made, the smell and the speed. Everything was amazing. I used to ask my dad if I could go with them.”

Chloe went to Wilton Mill Karting Track and was enamored with the different bike designs.

She said: “There were all kinds of mini bikes out there, Pitbikes, mini motors and others that I didn’t know at the time what they were.

“I remember seeing this bike, a mini blue motorbike, that’s when I knew I wanted to ride.

“I begged my mum and dad to buy me one. I think they thought I wouldn’t really like it or it was just a phase. They bought me a mini Moto really cheap at £50. loved it.”

No matter how many times she was thrown off the bike, she came straight back.

“Once I got up to a decent speed, they actually bought me this first blue mini Moto,” she continued.

“I fell in love with it and decided it was time to race.”

She started racing in 2015 when she was just 11 years old and won numerous trophies and upgraded her bikes along the way.

While her friends were shopping for clothes and doing things that girls do, Chloe was on the track and winning championships.

“In 2018 I decided to race the British Mini Bike Championship in the open adult category on my MRS Racing Honda CRF150,” she said.

“I felt I needed more challenge this year and needed faster riders to compete to bring me more. At the end of the year, MRS Racing bought a Yamaha R3 for so that I can run.

“I did three track days and then decided to go straight into the British Championship at Silverstone as a wildcard. I tried to take it all in my stride and qualified P12 just two seconds from pole position.

“I was racing against riders who had done all year on these bikes and showed that I hope I have what it takes.”

The team then decided to make the final lap at Brands Hatch.

She said: “I amazed them all apparently and in the last race I finished P8. Since then I have raced in the junior super sport class on the RICH ENERGY OMG RACING Yamaha R3 as an actor support in Bennett’s British Superbike Championship. 2021 has been a very eventful season and it has shown my strengths and weaknesses.”

RICH ENERGY OMG RACING took the fanatic out of the last three rounds. Chloe said it took her away mentally and physically.

She said: “It really felt like I was a runner, I had a target on my back all year which didn’t help but I’m ready for a change in 2022.

“We have decided to focus on the Yamaha 600 ready for the 2022 season. I am ready to come back stronger and better than ever by moving up to the junior superstock 600 class aboard the Rich Energy OMG Yamaha R6 motorcycle.

“I spend a lot of my free time on smaller bikes to help all the young kids learn the sport. I especially love helping women because we need more to join the sport, it’s slowly getting better for women and it’s great to see more and more people getting involved.”

More and more girls are getting into motorsport.

She added: “Even on track days, we now see more women getting involved. I have a great social media following Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where everyone supports and encourages me.

“I really want to put everything into this year, I put every penny I make working and my parents put so much into it too. If you like bike racing you know how expensive it is and how much practice it takes be up there at the top.”

Chloe has now launched a £5,000 GoFundMe to help her pursue her dream. For more information, visit his page here.

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