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Featured in the September 2021 issue of Roadracing World:

Motorcycles are like music, they resonate emotionally for those who are tuned to their frequencies. This thought occurred to me as I stood by the side of a canyon road in Southern California on a calm Friday afternoon, listening to the roar of Aprilia V4 engines echoing down the mountainside.

I could sit here and listen to this all day, I thought, a song like that of a MotoGP V4 engine, but with the hard side removed by a muffler and the distance. But then, I thought, riding is even better than listening! Aprilia gave me a day on its latest offers, the Tuono V4 2021 and the Tuono V4 Factory models…

—Intro: 2021 Aprilia Tuono V4 & V4 Factory, by Michael Gougis

Inspired by those who buy one of Aprilia’s most important models, Tuono models are diversifying more than in the past. Customers who want to take their Tuono to the track will find the new Factory more to their liking, the latest Öhlins suspension intended for use on the track. Customers who plan to drive their Tuono primarily on the street will find the new V4 more comfortable, significantly cheaper and more flexible than the factory, but still just as capable. Find out the details of each in the latest issue of The world of road racing!

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OVERVIEW on Roadracing World September 2021 issue!

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